Get Away from the Cold and Grey of the UK with a Beach Holiday in the South of France

As weather forecasters sensationalize the threat of crippling cold snaps and weeklong thundersnows, Britons aren’t nearly as excited as are weather psychics about winter 2014. From the long schlep to the letterbox through crunchy frost and thick winter fogs, to considering flu jabs for your entire sniffles-prone family, winter in the UK just isn’t a holiday for anyone.

When you’ve run out of moisturize for your dry, cracked hands and you can’t play Charades another second, excuse yourself, open your laptop and book a beachy family holiday with us.

We’re Country Kids, an award-winning family resort in the South of France. We offer world-class childcare six days per week, luxury accommodations, family-fun amenities and even “Absolutely Everything’s Included™” packages during the summer holiday season. But we’re more than a premium destination for your family, we serve as your personal concierge to all things warm and sunny.

Picture yourself in the South of France. Imagine getting the kids settled into something they actually enjoy doing without you, grabbing whatever it is that helps you relax and forget about the broken grey skies of the British Isles, and holiday until your mind lets go, your skin thaws and your heart’s content. Maybe you and your spouse will have a quiet day at our award-winning family resort. Maybe you’ll go shopping. Or maybe you’ll spend the day at the beach. We’ll make sure the kids are safe and sound. We’ll help you find the best village markets. And we’ll even book you one of the prized front-row loungers at Palm Ray Beach Club and Restaurant.

Palm Ray Beach Club and Restaurant is a picturesque one hour drive away. The club and eatery come highly recommended. We offer exclusive access to the best beach loungers, plush towels and umbrellas and tables on the Mediterranean. Dine in shade as you look out over the private beach and sparkling waters. When it’s time to go, you have easy access to clean hot showers.

If you’re up to your eyeballs in snowflake-clad wooly jumpers, it’s time to do something. Create the light at the end of that gloomy, wet weather tunnel by booking your South of France holiday.

So don’t worry about the weather this year. Soon you’ll be packing your swimsuit, t-shirt, shorts and sandals for a beach holiday in the South of France. Questions? We’re here to help you.