French Farm Life for Families

An NYC native, journalist Mara Hoberman lives in Paris with her husband and adorable toddler, already an experienced world traveller. ...continue reading.

Chic Lifestyle Article

When it comes to places that truly understand what it means to go on holiday with young families, Country Kids must be among the top few that deliver for both kids and parents. ...continue reading.

Family Traveller Review

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Get Away from the Cold and Grey of the UK with a Beach Holiday in the South of France

As weather forecasters sensationalize the threat of crippling cold snaps and weeklong thundersnows, Britons aren’t nearly as excited as are weather psychics about winter 2014. From the long schlep to the letterbox through crunchy frost and thick winter fogs, to considering flu jabs for your entire sniffles-prone family, winter in the UK just isn’t a […] ...continue reading.

Parents and Preschool-aged Kids Love October Holidays at Country Kids Family Resort

Are you browsing the Web for relaxing October holidays with exceptional childcare? Fall is a good time of year to plan a family trip to the South of France. It’s vendange tardive (late harvest), here. Grape pickers work hard during sun-filled days. Most tourists have gone home. Older kids have returned to school. And there’s […] ...continue reading.

Meet the Manageress of the Crèche at Country Kids

Will your kids be staying at our world-class crèche during your Country Kids family holiday?  There you’ll meet friendly and always helpful Rebecca, our crèche’s manageress. She provides the perfect setting to take good care of your toddler, baby or infant as young as three months old while you enjoy spa services, have some down […] ...continue reading.

Learn to Swim at Country Kids Family Resort

Does your kid need help at the pool? Does s/he want to learn how to swim while on holiday? Meet Michel Chauvel, the head lifeguard at Salagou Lake just down the road. He is also an experienced swim instructor at nearby Clermont L’Herault’s municipal swimming pool. Michel visits the family resort three times per week […] ...continue reading.

Luxury Spa Services at Country Kids Family Resort

The final touches on the Country Kids outdoor luxury spa have been completed, and we now invite our visiting families to book spa treatments. We offer luxuriously indulgent massages, body scrubs, facials, manicures, and pedicures for Mums and Dads. Plus mani+pedis for kids. Our spa treatments are the creation of the house of Charme d’Orient. […] ...continue reading.

Date Morning at the Market

It’s your fourth morning at Country Kids. You have just dropped your kids off at the Kids’ Club. They went in happily, ready to start the morning’s baking activity with new friends. You said goodbye and they hardly even noticed. You walked away, up the cobbled path to the car park where your husband was […] ...continue reading.

A Warm Spring Day at Country Kids in the south of France

What is a typical day like during a springtime self-catered family holiday in the south of France? Days are sunnier and a little warmer in the south of France. Almond trees blossoms and swallows return. The air will be filled with lavender and thyme. People go on longer walks, bike rides and seaside picnics. Village […] ...continue reading.