Big Kids Programme

Just like Crèche & Kids Club, Big Kids Club is also geared to keeping your kids busy and happy. 

Our team has plenty of activities and games at the ready, and will adapt accordingly to your kids’ various interests. The very name “COUNTRY KIDS” should give you a clue as to how we plan to occupy your children: Away with those tablettes, phones and any other screens, on with some trainers, grab a hoody and “c’est parti”!

Firm friendships quickly develop at Country Kids. There’s a great team spirit, and games are crafted around this.

On top of the classic football, mini-golf, softball, tennis, etc, your kids will be off hiking, orienteering, camping (for the July-August gang), making dream-catchers in the forest, making boats, cooking, animal care, organizing the Country Kids fayre…. And so it goes on. 

They are welcome to drop in and have a roll around in the soft-play whenever they like (let’s face it – they never get tired of that), but the “Big Kids” do have their own clubhouse where they can chill, play games and generally have a moment away from the smallies.

Big Kids need their down-time too!

 So parents may rest assured – every age group is healthily catered for at Country Kids.

 It finally time to open that book you’ve been meaning to read….