Kids’ Club

Kids Club is a treat for the whole family.  Parents can be “just” a couple for a moment, knowing their kids are happy, safe and busy.

And what will they be getting up to while you parents meander through the market on a Wednesday morning, hand in hand …?

Well, for one thing, the hours will race by.

Our team has cooked up all kinds of country-style activities just for them: exciting assault courses, colourful stone-painting, intriguing bug hunts, crazy fairy-tale dressing-up, creative gardening, yummy baking, grooming our sweet Apache (we’ll introduce you on Sunday), and SO much more.  By the end of your stay they’ll be naming leaves, naming insects, naming new friends and be pleading to come back.

Kids Club is equipped with all the necessary amenities (changing area, separate sleep room, little peoples’ toilets….), an indoor space bursting with toys and games, arts and crafts, … you name it, a safely fenced-in garden plus the indispensable soft-play and ball pond.

As we work on a drop-in, drop-out system, you don’t even have to book. Bear in mind that Country Kids is a small estate – so whilst we encourage you to leave your little ones in our care, we can also come and find you very easily if need be.

We guarantee your kids will have the most healthy and happy time, and you parents can finally enjoy some seriously valuable guilt-free down-time.