Our Crèche

The Crèche and Kids Club is at the heart of Country Kids, in every way.

 We are well aware what a luxury it is to be able to leave your infants with loving childcare staff, trusting they are safe and happy.

We accept children at our Crèche from 3 months upwards and adapt our staff accordingly to the number of children and their ages, choosing to follow British guidelines in childcare ratios which require at least 1 child-minder for 3 infants under 2.

Country Kids Crèche has all the necessary amenities (changing area, separate sleep room, little peoples’ toilets….), and our team makes sure their awake-time is filled with imaginative indoor and outdoor activities. Various versions of finger / hand / foot painting gets them exploring colors, stimulating touch and even smell. Our Baby gymnastics classes teach your toddlers balance, building up their physical strength and mental confidence. Our customized Musical activities help them react to different sounds and rhythms. The list is long.

 The soft-play, ball pond and sandpit come into a lot of use too, as does our club’s safely fenced-in garden where babies can roll around outside discovering the sounds, smells, and feel of the countryside. 

Just so you know, we work on a drop-in, drop-out system, so you don’t even have to book.  Bear in mind that Country Kids is a small estate – so whilst we encourage you to leave your little ones in our care even at a very young age, we can also come and find you very easily if need be.

We guarantee your smallies will be content as can be, and you parents can finally enjoy some seriously guilt-free down-time.  It’s so precious!