The Farm

Just a five-minute walk—or a short tractor ride—from the shop is a huge wooden barn with large bales of hay and happy farm animals. We’ve created a safe and nurturing petting farm that welcomes little ones to learn all about the animals. Our dear animals love attention.

There is much to explore at the farm each day. Say “Good morning!” to the sheep and goats. Help the farmer feed pigs and chickens. Pet gentle rabbits. Sit on friendly horse and care for neighing donkeys. Help the farmer hunt for freshly laid eggs.

Each morning, parents and kids may gather by the shop to start their day. At 9:30 a.m., kids take turns pulling the rope to ring the brass bell. The farmer calls out “Animals!” to signal feeding time. Most kids say “Goodbye!” to parents and walk with their new friends. Some kids bring parents to show them all they’ve learned during the week.