Explore Village Shops, Quiet Trails, Sandy Beaches and Natural Beauty of Salagou Lake

A short ten-minute drive from Country Kids takes you to a large manmade lake surrounded by red “ruffe” rocky shores, sandy beaches, quiet walking paths, cycling routes, horseback riding trails and picnic areas.

Lac du Salagou (Salagou Lake) is a deep blue body of water near Clermont l’Hérault in the Hérault department of Languedoc Roussillon. For nearly fifty years, the lake has offered year-round activities for families.

Salagou Lake was created in 1969 when a dam was built on the river to irrigate vines during the summer and protect against flooding during the fall. The lake is 7 km long and covers 750 hectares. It features 28 km of orange- and red-coloured shoreline with green trees and fields.

At one end of the lake is Mourèze, a quaint village that opens up onto deposits of dolomitic limestone. There is a music and arts festival in August. Plus a warm-weather night market Thursdays. Young families explore to lunar landscapes from sandy paths. Adventurous travellers climb Mount Liausson for views of the river, the rocks and the region. There are more than a dozen mountain biking courses that offer 37 km of all-level riding alongside the lake.

On the southern end of the lake is Salasc, a village that offers families a chance to shop, have lunch together or enjoy a coffee. Another village around the lake is the ghost town of Celles, abandoned in the 1960s over miscalculating that the village would be under water. Enjoy sweeping views of the lake on the patio by the church. Swim from Celles’ unspoiled shoreline.

In the green forests of the lake are campgrounds and quiet paths, perfect for walking, biking or horseback riding. Sailing and windsurfing can be hired from the beaches by Clermont l’Hérault. There are abundant quiet spots for picnicking or just lying out in the sun on a warm June day.

Most of our guests go there for family hikes. Some go horseback riding along the shore. Others visit Salasc for a morning shopping excursion and lunch before heading back to Country Kids.

If you and your family prefer activities on the water, we can point you 25 minutes away to the far side of the lake where you can rent pedalos (paddle boats), canoes, windsurfs and sailboats.

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