Join Farmer Stuart to Feed the Friendly Animals on the Farm

Each morning during our summer season, parents, kids, Tracey and I greet each other by the shop. Almost all of us had a good night’s sleep, except the parents who socialized at the bar until the wee hours. That’s OK. In a few moments when their kids are busy about the farm, helping me feed the animals, they’ll get some rest.

At 9:30 a.m. I pull down on the brass bell to give it a loud ring. Children dive in to take turns. They ring the bell a few times more. I shout out “Animals!” and all the kids start running towards me. They know we’re about to take a five-minute walk across the private and safe estate to visit the farm. Brave kids will help me feed the animals.

There are many loving animals to see at the farm. We say “Good morning!” to lamas, sheep and goats. We feed pigs and chickens. We hold a gentle bunny. We may even sit on friendly donkeys and give oats to neighing horses. Some of the younger kids and their parents help me hunt for freshly laid eggs in large bales of hay in the big barn.

This is a very special time for me. I watch childrens’ faces light up with each and every animal they see, just as my kids did when we moved from London to this farm in the French countryside, nearly a decade ago. Time flies.

I invite you and your family to join me each morning whilst you’re holidaying at Country Kids. Book your “Absolutely Everything’s Included™” family holiday, and I’ll show you the magic that makes me smile each and every day.