Holidays with Kids: The Importance of Socialization

Jul 8, 2022

Multi-Generational Friendcations for Families to Create Memories and Lifelong Friendships

We should never underestimate the importance of socialization. Socialization Is Important During Holidays With Kids. It’s a process that starts as soon as we’re born. When we talk to our babies, we’re not only teaching them language skills, but critical social skills, too.

During Holidays with Kids, socialization is crucial.

Through the early years, then through school, by participating in sports and social clubs, kids are continually learning how to communicate and how to interact successfully.

Indeed, the art of interaction is one of the most important skills that kids learn. And holidays are a fantastic opportunity for kids to put all this learning into practice and develop their social skills even further.

A well-structured holiday — a ‘friendcation’ — should help a kid’s individual character, friendship skills, and unique personality to blossom. We call this a friendcation.

A Friendcation Isn’t Just for Kids

Spending quality time with family is crucial. But, just as kids need time and space to be themselves, make new friends, and socialize with others outside their existing family and friends, so do we adults. You see, a great family holiday will also deliver a fantastic experience for parents, and grandparents, as well as the kids.

For kids, the benefits of an intergenerational holiday experience are plentiful. One where they can break away from the ‘pack’, have new experiences, and make new friends is priceless.

Socializing with other children can lead to better relationships with them as adults, while interacting with adults can provide children with a sense of how to behave in different social situations.

And for parents and grandparents? Time to spend reconnecting as adult family members and couples, and time to spend connecting with other adults. The opportunity to meet other adults and make life-long friendships through shared experiences.

Shared Experiences That Deliver the Perfect Intergenerational Friendcation

We all participate in shared experiences all the time. A team meeting at work. Shopping with a friend. A family barbecue. Birthday parties and Christmas gatherings.

Shared experiences can be anything from a big family event to a group of friends getting together for dinner. The point is that they are designed to bring people together and promote the idea of togetherness.

On holiday, shouldn’t kids have the chance to enhance their socialization through participation in shared experiences with other children? During holidays with kids it’s Important to socialize. We certainly believe this. Which is why we have developed Country Kids to be a safe environment for your kids to do just this.

While having fun at Country Kids, children learn many new life skills, develop friendships, and improve their social skills, as they participate in activities such as:

  • Our petting farm
  • Swimming in our heated swimming pool
  • Exploring 30 acres of gated, car-free nature
  • Bug hunts
  • Arts and crafts
  • Kite flying
  • Creative gardening
  • Gymnastics
  • Baking
  • and more

And while the kids are having fun, parents and grandparents can become adults again!

Relax around the pool with a cheeky cocktail. Meet new people. Have adult conversations. Discover new friendships.

Do things you may never have tried before, like hiking through the Salagou Valley, a little boutique shopping at a local and typically French market town, or wine tasting at a nearby chateau.

In the evening, while the kids are kept entertained and safe with our babysitting service and socialize with they pairs, you can enjoy a romantic meal for two, a parents-and-grandparents dinner, or a night out with new friends at a local restaurant.

Creating Memories and Friendships That Last a Lifetime

Nostalgia. A sentimental yearning to go back. It gets us all in the end. Memories of great times, with great people — like our parents, grandparents, and our friends.

We define ourselves by the people we love and the experiences we share. But our lives are also defined by the moments that made us laugh and those in which we felt true joy. These moments give meaning to our lives, bring us closer to one another, and help us grow as individuals — as children from nine months to 99 years.

Isn’t this what the perfect holiday should achieve? The creation of memories and friendships that last a lifetime?

One of the most rewarding aspects of running Country Kids is to see friendships bloom and grow. Watching kids meet other kids for the first time, and become best friends who are never apart. It’s little different for parents, too. People from different walks of life aren’t that much different.

Some of our guests book as families. Some come here with their closest friends. Many meet other parents here for the first time, and become close friends — so much so that they book to return at the same time to meet up again in following years.

Perhaps this is our greatest achievement at Country Kids — providing the opportunity for adults and children alike to create memories and develop new lifelong friendships, while simultaneously growing closer as families.

What Our Guests Say

Here are a few comments from our guests that have left reviews on TripAdvisor:

DKC Chi from Chicago said the Country Kids is a one-of-a-kind experience and, “We met amazing friends and spent most of our time socializing in the common area and pool. The bar is always open and you definitely don’t go hungry! (Insider tip: Order dessert at lunch)…

All in all, I can’t say enough good things about this unique experience. It’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced. I can see why so many people return here time and time again.

When describing Country Kids as Probably the best in the world!, Mayday from Ireland, commented:

The most special part is the attention and love given to your children. Watch in awe as they go to the kids club every day and grow in confidence. This is a boutique service so that your children are given one to one care whilst being encouraged to take part in all the activities such as, nature trails, baking, treasure hunts, Arts and crafts, camping, swimming and daily visits to the farm.

This means that whilst your kids are happy making new friends you can enjoy some adult time to finally read your book by the pool or indulge in the hot tub or have that chilled glass of champagne at lunch time or sit in the outdoor bar chatting with other parents or simply relax in your gorgeous apartment overlooking the stunning gardens leading down to the heated outdoor pool.

When writing about another wonderful week at Country Kids, Taya says, “We have made a number of new friends from our holidays here and the children always rush straight off to meet old and new friends which is brilliant. Thank you as always, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

And ‘mummylovesaholiday’ explained that, during a truly perfect family holiday, “We have all relaxed, had adventures, new experiences (fishing for us all, 27 km E-bike ride for us parents, massages for the children, collecting fresh eggs from the farm… this list goes on), met wonderful new friends, been pampered, learnt about regional wine and food, eaten too much because the food is simply too good, and most of all felt cared for by a team that welcome you into their wonderful, authentic, relaxed and happy space.

We have been on many luxury holidays, and enjoyed many 5* hotels, but absolutely nothing has ever been as good as our week at Country Kids. If you want your children to try new things, have new experiences, and have happy memories then they (and you) will find all of this at Country Kids — alongside paint, glitter, ice cream, smiling faces and lots of laughter.

Do you want a friendcation to beat all others? Are you seeking a multigenerational holiday to create lifelong memories and come closer as a family? Do you enjoy meeting like-minded people and striking up new friendships?

We’re now open for booking for 2023. Or, to learn more about what it is that makes Country Kids one of a kind, please get in touch with Laure and Sylvain, any time, on +33(0)6 77 54 56 00 ─ or by emailing

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