Learn to Swim at Country Kids Family Resort

Does your kid need help at the pool? Does s/he want to learn how to swim while on holiday?

Meet Michel Chauvel, the head lifeguard at Salagou Lake just down the road. He is also an experienced swim instructor at nearby Clermont L’Herault’s municipal swimming pool. Michel visits the family resort three times per week to provide swimming lessons to children. These classes are delivered in small groups to quickly and safely build skills beyond the water’s edge.

Vacation Resort in France with a Swimming Pool“I assess the swimming ability of each child to see what needs to be improved,” Michel says. Swim lessons are customized to fit every child, making sure that they take home new techniques that lead to confident swimming by the end of the week. “Children come to Country Kids unable to swim. They leave knowing how to float, paddle and kick around like little fish.”

Michel remembers teaching Elle how to swim. She came to Country Kids not knowing how to swim at all. It was tough for her to learn to swim at first, but her focus, determination and warm smile helped her swim from one side of the pool to the other by the end of the week. “It’s a reward for me, proving that I’m able to teach even the kid who is going through a difficult time.”

What helps ensure that each child can learn how to swim is that class sizes are small, often one-on-one. While municipal swim lessons can include up to fifteen children at a time, Country Kids is able to provide swim lessons in small groups, which helps kids quickly master new skills.

How does Michel do it? “It’s all about getting in the universe of the child to play, rather than instruct,” Michel says. “I want to teach them with the feeling of having fun, not working hard. The other day I was teaching a little girl how to do the frog swim, rather than the breast stroke. I told her to imagine she was a frog in the water. I asked her to show me how a frog swims. She did, and within a few minutes we were perfecting the most basic swim technique in the water.”

What do parents need to know before they book swim lessons? Michel answers: “The more parents stay during swim lessons, the harder it is to teach them. They lose concentration. Parents are warmly encouraged to leave the pool (and go off to relax) straight away.” Once the family vacation is over, Michel asks that parents help kids continue to practice swimming.

Michel loves teaching kids how to swim, and it shows in each and every fun, friendly and highly animated poolside swim lesson. Best of all, kids love learning how to swim from Michel. We invite you to give your child the chance to learn to swim while on holiday in the South of France.

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