The Bar

The bar is the heart of the communal life, here. Whilst there is no pressure to socialise, if you do want to relax with a coffee or a beer, slouched in our sofas and chatting with other parents, you can. Relaxing and talking together is one of the things that our guests really love about their childcare-inclusive holidays at Country Kids.

This is where kids come for their daily breakfast collection duties, whilst parents enjoy a lie-in. At 9:30 a.m., it’s where we ring a bell so you know one of our fun activities, such as the animal feeding session begins. In the afternoon, it’s the place for tea time. Plus it’s always the place to get your caffeine fix (always free at Country Kids).

The bar is the place to wind down after the kids are asleep. It’s close enough to all the apartments to use a baby listener—not that it’s needed, but it gives peace of mind—and often people are there until the early hours, safe in the knowledge that if they are weary the next day, they don’t have to hire a babysitter, thanks to the Kids’ Club.

This isn’t just a luxury resort with world-class childcare, it’s a place where you can have grownup social time, too.