Meet the Manageress of the Crèche at Country Kids

Will your kids be staying at our world-class crèche during your Country Kids family holiday? 

There you’ll meet friendly and always helpful Rebecca, our crèche’s manageress. She provides the perfect setting to take good care of your toddler, baby or infant as young as three months old while you enjoy spa services, have some down time or simply catch up on much-needed sleep. Rebecca is Manageress of the crèche at Country Kids. She is adept at putting both new moms and infants at ease during what may be their first time away from the familiar comforts of home. Who is Rebecca? And how does she take good care of little one during your holiday?

Vacation Resort with Childcare in France

Rebecca is a qualified Early Years Teacher with a First Class Honours degree in Sociology and a PGCE (bilingual in French and English). She has always known that she would work with young kids, ever since teaching her younger cousin during weekend sleepovers. She believes that caring for babies and little children is the best job. Over the years she has learned how to create a safe and nurturing crèche environment where babies can nap, feed and begin to play.

“I am particularly enthusiastic about Heuristic Play for babies and infants, as well as the importance of the natural, outdoor environment and its’ potential for learning and enjoyment,” Rebecca says in her interview. Just as her childcare team ensures that older kids have the best possible time at the Kids’ Club, she aims to give parents of younger kids peace of mind while personally ensuring that each toddler, baby or infant as young as three months old feels welcome, settled and, if your little one is ready to play, free to have farm-inspired fun in our safe, secure childcare environment—just steps away from your relaxing South of France holiday!

Rebecca’s Crèche and Kids Club staff makes drop off as effortless (and painless) as possible, but we all know that such a time can be especially difficult when a little one is so used to his/her mum or a child is unsettled. “All children go through the stage of not wanting to leave Mummy and Daddy,” Rebecca says. She knows firsthand how hard it can be. “My arm was pulled out of its socket when I was five years old because I was in a tug-of-war with my Mum and teacher!” At Country Kids, of course, we believe that after a good chat on Sunday and a personalized week of fun-filled activities, even the most attached child will beg you to let them come to the crèche. Plus we tend to only play tug-of-war during playtime.

Each summer for as long as Rebecca can recall, her family has been packing into their little Rover Metro to drive from Sheffield to the South of France. It was on those family holidays that she cultivated a love of reading, cooking and baking the perfect cupcake. These days she enjoys perusing the Saturday morning markets of Lodève to find new ingredients for cooking. Each Wednesday you’ll find Rebecca pursuing one delicious attempt after another as she tries to bake the perfect cupcake. She grew up on a farm, and her enthusiasm for outdoor playtime is downright contagious. She hopes to drive the Country Kids tractor before the end of the year.

“The best thing about this job is that every week is full-on fun,” Rebecca admits. “We dedicate every day to constant fun… Every child is different and therefore every week is different, we try to add activities to the existing plans that are inspired by what the children like and enjoy doing, so some weeks are a full on crafty week—like the complete mermaid outfit one boy made—and some are ruled by spirited games of ‘You’re It!’ and being chased by the Tickle Monster.”

“I’m having the best experience working at Country Kids,” Rebecca adds. When asked to pick her favourite Country Kids moment, she says, “There are so many memorable experiences that I couldn’t possibly pick just one, but after my first Pirates and Mermaids Day, I was hooked!”

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