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Your Holiday

Welcome to a world-class resort with 5-star amenities, including award-winning childcare kids love, gourmet meals and a bar filled with friendly rosy-cheeked parents from around the world. Your “Absolutely Everything’s Included™” luxury family holiday ensures the only thing on your to-do list is rest, rejuvenation and rekindling relationships between Mum, Dad and the kids. By the time you leave, you’ll have had the kind of blissful holiday you didn’t think possible with kids in tow.

We call this resort Country Kids. One of many 5-star reviewers on Trip Advisor, calls it “Heaven!”. Your week of heaven includes a rare combination of stylish, luxurious accommodation and award-winning childcare in a family-focused atmosphere. Our concept was crafted by parents, for parents. Our aim is for you to feel relaxed, indulged and, most importantly, to rediscover the joys of family life away from the stresses of daily life back home.

After a week amongst the vineyards and olive groves of Southern France, mums and dads feel we’ve created Heaven for Parents. 70% of them re-book luxury family holidays with Country Kids next year.

Explore The Chestnut House. Book me time with our spa. Plot your escape from reality for a week of pure bliss.

Paradise for Kids

We invite your children to join our experienced and fun-loving childcare staff on an exciting daily journey about the farm. From the time the morning bell calls everyone together to help feed the sweet, adorable animals to the in-apartment babysitter who provides Mary Poppins-like fun until bedtime, Country Kids isn’t just the 5-star luxury resort for families. It’s a bonafide Paradise for Kids of all ages—from 3-month-old infants to 12-year-old kids.

Whether your kids play at the creche or join the Kids’ Club each day, the fact is most kids don’t want to go back to their holiday apartments at night. This is made to be their paradise, and we make sure they’re having lots of fun.


Sarah and her family enjoy an “Absolutely Everything’s Included™” family holiday for the first time last July. She loves feeding the goats each morning, going on wagon rides around the farm, playing dress-up with the other girls at the Kids’ Club and cheering on her older brother’s football game. She doesn’t remember Mum’s thick novel obsession or Dad’s tennis lessons. She doesn’t know what a wine tasting is, but she’s certain they have fun.

They rebook their luxury family holidays with us, year after year.

your holiday for kids

George is a busy kid. He and his brother are adventurous. Mum and Dad worry these two guys may run out of things to do. They fear their kids might lose interest by the second day; however, George and his brother have so much fun they don’t want to go back to their holiday apartment at night. Once their parents finally persuade them home, they fall fast asleep.

Then Mum and Dad share a blanket, a little wine and fresh country air sprinkled with stars.

As parents, we never had the chance to relax when we took our kids on holiday. Childcare, no spa. Gourmet meals, no childcare. That’s why we founded Country Kids. We created the holiday that has it all. For us. For our kids. During your stay, we’ll make this heaven on earth for you and paradise for your children.

Get away—and get some alone time, too—when you choose the luxury family holiday that’s made for your family.