Heaven For Parents

Country Kids is heaven for parents, simply because parents don’t have to act like parents all the time. Sure, it’s always fun to play in the pool, go on a hike with the kids or spend the afternoon burying Dad in the sand at the beach, but when it comes to thinking up things to do, day-after-day, parents on holiday can get a little stressed. That doesn’t happen at Country Kids. Our award-winning childcare programmes for kids of all ages provides endless activities that not only take good care of your kids, but make sure they’re having a great time each day.

When we hand you two beach chairs and a map to the best oyster bar on the Mediterranean, we also hand you peace of mind. You know your kids are having fun on the farm whilst you enjoy a romantic lunch by the shore.

“Country Kids holidays should come with a warning: You may Find It Hard to Return to Your Former Life!” —Sian Williams, Founder of Baby-Friendly Boltholes

We’ll do whatever it takes to make your “Absolutely Everything’s Included™” summer holiday heavenly. Daily childcare. In-apartment babysitter two nights per week. Blankets for late-night stargazing. Name your wine. We’ll pour you the bottle.

Discover what makes Country Kids the best family holiday in France. Book your heavenly family getaway today.

“Absolutely Everything’s Included™” Family Holiday

All-inclusive luxury family vacation summer season runs from June to Mid-September—Country Kids Family Resort provides “Absolutely Everything’s Included™” summer holidays for families with kids. You’ve likely never experienced an “Absolutely Everything’s Included™” family holiday quite like this. Our summer holidays include all food and drink, all alcohol…read more.

Gourmet Meals & Much More

Gourmet food and wine are a part of life in the south of France. Here at Country Kids, you’ll be able to savour the tastes of the region. French Mediterranean cuisine and family-friendly fare are offered at every meal. Plus select local wines and champagnes from the wine cellar or the fully-stocked…read more.

Yoga for the Whole Family

Country Kids’ certified yoga instructor leads private and group yoga classes for adults and kids. Family, group and individual yoga lessons are offered on the yoga platform, found in a quiet corner of our luxury estate with gentle afternoon breezes under shade of plane trees that have survived long…read more.

Expert Wine Tastings

The Languedoc-Rousillion region has more than 740,000 acres of vineyards, featuring strong Syrah reds. Expert wine tastings at the bar give you the chance to sample the wonderful wines produced in the area. Sample Syrah reds. Explore production processes. Learn about the industry. We’ll help you find local vineyards…read more.

Romance for Mums and Dads

At Country Kids, mums and dads have more time for romance. As your kids enjoy fun daily activities, fresh gourmet meals and two nights of in-apartment babysitting back on the farm, you can lie on a double pool bed, holding hands. You can drive through the beautiful French countryside…read more.

Spa Treatments

The spa draws from the elements of nature to inspire, nurture and empower your well being. We offer private massage therapy sessions and beauty treatments, such as manicures, pedicures, facials and sea salt scrubs. Our qualified therapists and aestheticians are here to help you find a sense of peace…read more.


Our team of cheerful housekeepers is here to make your holiday with daily cleaning of your apartment. Their twice daily routines mean you don’t have to worry about tidying up or emptying the dishwasher after last night’s family meal. Our housekeepers manage the on-site washing an ironing services, as…read more.


Babysitting nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays. These nights present the perfect opportunity for mums and dads to switch off completely, get dressed up and go out to enjoy a romantic dinner in a nearby village. Our team of local ladies—who come to us from personal recommendations—arrive in force to…read more.