The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a lot of uncertainty. We understand that everyone's situation is unique. We are here to answer any questions you may have about your travel plans. Our top priority, as always, is you – so please get in touch with us to discuss your summer or future Country Kids holiday for a personal response.
Laure & Sylvain x +33(0) 6 77 54 56 00 or We are pleased to be open again and welcome our guests this summer and extending our season until the end of October this year A Bientôt !

Don’t lift a finger

Whether you choose to come to Country Kids during our low season ‘A La Carte’ period or the ever popular high Season ‘Absolutely Everything Included’  period, one thing is a constant.  You don’t have to lift a finger while you’re here if you don’t want to.  Meaning you only have to focus on enjoying your holiday.

Our bespoke holiday planning service begins the moment you book your holiday with us.  We have a pre arrival contact schedule that we adapt to every family, ensuring that when you arrive on site, your holiday can immediately begin.

When you pull up to our front gates is the moment you start your perfect family holiday.  The last time you need to touch your luggage is when you put it in the boot of your car at the start of your journey.  Once you have been shown your apartment, you can head straight for the pool.  Dinner will be in the fridge waiting for you to heat up when you’re done sunning yourself and the kids are exhausted from zipping down the slide. 

Our pre-arrival shopping service combined with our on-site bar & shop, wine cellar, home cooked meals and on-site chef ensure that you never have to shop or cook during your stay unless you want to.

Our team of professional housekeepers visit your apartment for a proper daily clean.  They pop back again later for a second spruce up during our “Absolutely Everything’s Included” summer season package.  That means you don’t have to worry about tidying up or emptying the dishwasher after last night’s family meal.

We also provide an on-site washing and ironing service, collected midweek and dropped off to you the next day, included in your summer package. Giving you the choice to pack less and not worry about the kids getting mucky during the day’s activities.

 As well as booking and managing all of your on and off-site activities during your stay, we also do the same for local restaurants.  There are some incredible choices, including one within walking distance.  Luckily for you Babysitting nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays. These nights present the perfect opportunity for mums and dads to switch off completely, get dressed up and go out to enjoy that peaceful dinner together.

 Our team of local sitters—who come to us from personal recommendations—arrive in force to sit in each apartment and take good care of your little ones.  Laure is in constant contact with every apartment via two-way radios and manages everything on site, popping in when needed.  As the kids are familiar with Laure, she is always on hand to reassure restless little ones and read bedtime stories.  She remains on-duty till everyone gets back to their place.

 For a lot of parents, this is the first time they have left the kids, so during your welcome chat on Sunday, Laure will ensure you have the right sitter for your family needs and that they arrive at a time that works for you.  We also ensure to have the same babysitter for both nights, and where possible (it usually is) the same babysitter for any subsequent holidays to Country Kids.

 There are many other ways in which we ensure you never have to lift a finger during your stay.  If you have any other needs or would like to know more about our personalised service, then feel free to drop us an email or a call to discuss it further.