Yoga For The Whole Family

Country Kids’ certified yoga instructor leads private and group yoga classes for adults and kids. Family, group and individual yoga lessons are offered in a quiet corner of our luxury estate with gentle afternoon breezes under shade of plane trees that have survived long after the estate’s dairy farm days.

Move into stillness with sun salutations, seated spinal twists, and triangle, bow, cobra and fish poses. Relax into each posture. Quiet your mind. Follow your breath. Feel the intrinsic, incredible emotion of restorative movement.

Imagine how you’ll feel after a private yoga lesson—just you, your breath and your instructor’s voice. Imagine how much fun you’ll have when you share this joy with your spouse and your kids during a family-friendly yoga session.

Whether you’re on the mat or at the spa, there are plenty of relaxing activities that help take deeper breaths.