10% Off Your Self-catered Family Holiday in France

Does your family need an extra holiday before summer? Enjoy a family-focused resort at Country Kids. Take 10% off your self-catered getaway when you book your April 2014 family holiday in France by December 31, 2013.

Spring is a great time to have your self-catered family holiday at Country Kids in the south of France.

Bright sunny days are typical. Cascading wisteria and migrating song birds from Morocco dance in the light of April. The air is crisp, clear and fragrant with young blossoms. Here at Country Kids, the kids are always content, which gives mums and dads time to explore local markets, taste local vineyards or enjoy a picnic for two on the beach.

Your self-catered holiday comes with unlimited childcare, two nights of babysitting and many optional amenities, including ready-to-eat meals, drinks, off-site activities, yoga classes, tennis lessons and spa services.

This special offer self-catered family holiday in France books for April 2014 only. Prices start at €2,850 for a family of four. Additional guests more than three months old (the crèche entry age) stay for €300 each. When you book by December 31, 2013, you receive a 10% discount on your self-catered holiday. That’s $285 off for a family of four. Use the promo code weboffer when booking online.

If you think April in Paris is magical, wait until you arrive at Country Kids, a luxury 5-star resort that’s designed with both your children and your quiet time in mind. Book your family holiday before December 31, and take 10% off.