Guilt-free Getaways for Clingy Kids and Nervous Parents

You’re here. You’re ready to get your little one settled into the wonderful kids activities you’ve all been looking forward to, but there’s one catch. Your little one doesn’t want you to leave. Your child may not be used to having fun without you. You may not be used to having fun without your child. At Country Kids, we’re experts at helping you both quickly adapt to the holiday routine.

As parents ourselves, we know what it’s like to travel with kids. We know how clingy we all get. We know how hard it is to have fun without any guilt. Some kids quickly join the activities. Some parents need a day or two to adjust. Whatever you and your child need, we promise neither one of you will want to leave by the end of your holiday.

Each day you’re invited to join other families by The Bar at 9:30 a.m. to chat, plan your day and help your child say “Hello!” to new friends. After kids take turns ringing the bell, they’re off to visit the animal farm on our estate. Parents are welcome to join their children as they feed the animals. Once our furry friends have given kisses, the Kids’ Club and the Big Kids’ Club begin daily activities. That’s when the real fun begins—for you and your child.

Discover our Kids’ Club. Explore our Big Kids’ Club. Read about our crèche for infants as young as ten weeks old.

If this is a new experience for your little one, he or she may cry. If there are no tears we will find you and let you know all is fine.  If there are tears, don’t worry. This usually doesn’t last for long. Please know that we monitor how long they cry. We come get you so they know you’re close by, especially during the first couple of days. We ask that you trust our process so that we may help everyone let go to have a good time.

Two days in, everyone begins to unwind and get into the holiday. Your child looks forward to spending the day with new friends. You can look forward to spending the day doing whatever you wish. Rest assured your child is having fun while you enjoy our spa services, take a tennis lesson, taste local wines or have a romantic seafood lunch for two by the coast—less than an hour away by car. Our aim is that you can enjoy your holiday, guilt-free.

Our plan is simple: help your whole family feel at home; give everyone plenty of fun activities to do; and take care of absolutely everything to give everyone a break—because mums, dads and even kids need a holiday.

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