Travel Advice for Holiday-ready Dads, Mums and Happy Babies

You’re tired. Your baby needs constant care. After three months of feeds, changes and baths, you deserve a break. While some mums can’t handle leaving home for a luxury family holiday in the South of France, it’s easier than you think. Your baby can sleep through a lot. Your baby can’t roll, crawl or toddle into trouble just yet. When the getaway includes care for infants as young as ten weeks old, booking your family holiday can be a no brainer.

Country Kids provides award-winning childcare for babies as young as ten weeks old, which includes qualified caring staff looking after your baby while you rest, relax and mentally prepare for eighteen fun-filled years to come. In our fully-regulated childcare facility affectionate crèche ladies take care of your babies and toddlers to give you the time you need to have a holiday.

What’s the best way to travel with baby? The simplest advice we give our guests travelling with babies is to keep it low key whilst travelling to and from our countryside estate. Here are five travel tips we offer guests with babies…

  1. Don’t save on flights at the expense of your sanity. Sometimes the best airline deals don’t offer practical itineraries or luggage allowances. Choose an itinerary with the least-possible connections and the best-possible perks for safe, smooth travel to and from Country Kids.
  2. Have an infant who throws up? Don’t just pack spare clothes in your carryon for baby. Pack them for you, as well. Having a clean t-shirt on hand can save you after an in-flight accident. Tracey Scher says, “I learned this the hard way at the beginning of a nine hour flight!”
  3. Prefer to have your usual brand of formula or baby food on hand during your holiday? Send us what you need by post before you travel. This is usually far less expensive than excess baggage costs. Plus this helps free-up your arms to carry more precious cargo.  Please contact us if you’re shipping something prior to your arrival. She receives boxes of baby supplies all the time, and she’ll be happy to hang on to it for you.
  4. Make the trip fun. Turn into an adventure – if you are dreading the travel day, your little one will pick up on your mood. Don’t expect to read a book on the flight and get frustrated when you can’t. Let go of expectations, make it fun and the entire family will be in a better mood.
  5. There’s a temptation to use baby’s carryon bag for everything. When you need to do a nappy change, you can’t find what you need. Create a small bag with two to three nappies, wipes and cream. You can then grab it easily when you need to do a quick change.

When travelling with babies, it’s hard to remember everything. Know that we offer free use of baby equipment, including proper wooden cots/cribs, linens, highchairs and strollers. Plus our on-site shop stocks everything you might forget, including nappies, wipes and baby food. Plus hundreds of DVDs for all the family, snacks and drinks for Mum and Dad.

At Country Kids, we make your holiday with kids the best getaway ever. We provide fully-regulated childcare six days per week. Plus your own evening babysitter two nights per week, giving you time to relax, rejuvenate and even rekindle your relationship with your spouse. At our private, safe countryside estate, you can rest easy knowing your little ones are having a wonderful time of their own—just a few steps away from your quiet oasis by the adults-only pool.

Contact our team for more tips on travelling with baby. We’re always happy to help you book your best trip ever!