Baby’s first splash

Sep 28, 2021

Teach Your Tots Water Confidence

Pools are one of our favorite things about vacation time as parents. What could be sweeter than seeing our kids frolic in the water? The sound of children’s laughter and splashes filling the air as the sun glistens on their skin, then wrapping them tight in a big towel at the end of the day as they yawn and smile.

It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? There’s just one teeny tiny problem. If your kids aren’t water confident, you can’t relax. Your heart races every time you lose sight of them for even a second, and the dream vacation by the pool turns into a nerve-wracking nightmare.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right environment, it is easy to get babies comfortable in the water. Country Kids has everything you need to get you and your little ones ready to splash, even if you aren’t a great swimmer. Our stunning surroundings, a heated 30-degree pool, and our wonderful swim instructor, make learning to swim with us a truly memorable event.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of ways you can start to get your tots water ready:

1. Make it enjoyable

Babies and toddlers love playtime in the bath. Splash and play with toys. Laugh and blow bubbles. Help your child to associate the water with having fun. Wading pools are also a great place to play.

2. Model confidence

It’s a well-known fact that children look to their parents for guidance and emulate their behavior. If you aren’t very confident in the water yourself, you could be unwittingly passing that down to your little ones. Be brave, mums and dads. Your little ones are counting on you.


3. Start early

The younger you get your little ones in the water, the better. Babies as old as 20 weeks take to the water naturally as they are still accustomed to the womb. They open their eyes under water, float and have the natural response of holding their breath.

Don’t worry though, if your little one is heading towards school and you still haven’t introduced them to swimming. Older kids can learn quickly too and won’t be hindered by starting a little later.

4. Make it part of your routine

Make swimming a part of your family’s routine, go after pre-school or before nursery or every weekend. However, you choose to do it, your little one will come to recognise that this is just something you guys do, like going shopping or visiting Gran.

Give your kids a memory that will last forever

Getting your kids in and around water early and often is the best way to make sure they are relaxed and confident in it. Here at Country Kids, we take water safety seriously and we love to share babies’ first splashes with our guests.

You can be sure that when you choose to holiday here, our heated pool, beautiful views and our swim instructor will make learning to swim a wonderful memory your kids won’t forget. What better way to make them fall in love with the water?