Meet the Owner

Apr 17, 2017

By Mike Stuchbery – 7th April 2017

When it comes to places that truly understand what it means to go on holiday with young families, Country Kids must be among the top few that deliver for both kids and parents.This lovely retreat – self-catering in the Spring, full service in Summer – is located in the beautiful Herault region of France, just 45 minutes away from Montpellier. Since opening in 2005, Country Kids has gained a reputation for delivering the perfect holiday for the entire family. With kids voting it the ‘best holiday of their lives’ and the 70% of guests who rebook, we think you’re onto a winner with this one!

We believe such glowing reviews are due to the fact that the owners of the hotel, Sylvain and Laure Neveu, parents themselves, have built the Country Kids experience around making a family holiday with kids extremely easy and so very enjoyable.

The caring and attentive staff, creche and Kid’s Club ensure that little ones are constantly entertained, while Mum and Dad have a little off-duty time at the spa, pool, bar and a wide range of activities both on and off-site to help them relax, unwind and reconnect. Most importantly, all those little worries and potential dramas associated with taking the kids on holiday are anticipated and taken care of.

We spoke with Laure and Sylvain, to ask them just what they think sets Country Kids apart from the many hotels who cater to families.


What is the Country Kids philosophy towards family holidays?
Simple – we believe in lots of fun for kids, relaxation for parents and perhaps most importantly, lots of quality family time.

What do Country Kids provide for kids that no other hotel does?
We provide a crèche that welcomes even our littlest guests, from 3 months old onwards. Furthermore, the estate grounds of Country Kids are totally secured and safely fenced-in. That means that parents can have a drink at the bar, or lounge by the pool while the kids are roaming around with no worries or cares.

Similarly, what do Country Kids provide for parents that no other hotel does?
We provide delicious, ready to eat meals made by our on-site chef – there’s no need to cook! There is also a bar & shop at Country Kids, so parents do not need to go out of the resort to do the groceries.

What is the most rewarding part of running Country Kids?
For us, it is seeing kids and parents happy and enjoying their holiday, at the same time and in the same place.

What is one thing that kids must try when they come to Country Kids?
Kids must come on our daily animal feeding session, which includes a tractor ride to visit the animals.

What is one thing parents must try at Country Kids?
Unwind! Parents can enjoy some ‘kid-free’ time and even enjoy a lie-in. After you enjoy a night out, childcare will pick the kids at 7am for our Kids PJ party on Friday mornings. They can have a blast while you enjoy some peaceful time together.

What are some of the sights in the area that guests must see during their stay?
Beautiful Lac du Salagou is only 10 minutes away from the resort. It is a stunning lake where you can swim, sail, fish or relax on one of the beaches.