Tailor made family adventures in the South of France

Oct 19, 2020

A safe, secure and socially engaging environment for kids to explore and have adventures with new friends. The chance to relax and reconnect as a couple for tired Mums and Dads. The opportunity for quality family time all together. All on our 30-acre estate of southern French countryside.

If you were to sum up what we do here at Country Kids, it would be that. We offer the perfect holiday for families with young children in the south of France, exclusively to seven families each week. Each family has their own self-contained family ready accommodation, kitted out with everything a family could need to have the break of a lifetime.
That’s the baseline. Whether you choose to come to Country Kids during our low season ‘A La Carte’ period or the ever-popular high season ‘Absolutely Everything Included’ period, you have access to the same on-site amenities all year round.
What also comes as standard is our personal touch. From the moment you book your holiday with us, you have access to our luxury bespoke holiday planning service. We take care of everything that matters you and your family, offering you the tailor-made family holiday like no other.

So what is the bespoke service we provide at Country Kids ?

Our bespoke service begins the moment you book your holiday with us. We have a pre arrival contact schedule that we adapt to every family, asking you all needed information for a smooth and relaxing stay with us. This way we ensure that when you arrive on site, your holiday can immediately begin.

Specific dietary requirements? No problem, not only does our on-site chef cater for all, with specific menu plans for all needs, but we can also source anything you need with our pre arrival grocery shopping service. What could be better to not having to do the big shop with the kids in tow? Just arrive at your accommodation with a kitchen fully stocked with everything you need. Our on-site bar & shop and home-made ready meals also mean that you never have to shop or cook during your stay unless you want to.

For the œnologistes amongst you, ‘La Cave’ is our on-site wine cellar. We are lucky to be in the middle of some fantastic wine country, and we bring the best of it to you on site. We have detailed tasting notes on each bottle but our staff can tell you everything you need to know, getting you the perfect bottle for any moment.

We know everything about our little corner of France. From our years of experience working with trusted local partners we can offer a huge range of on and off-site activities for the whole family. Personalised adventures await every family with everything from rock climbing to pony trekking on offer. Arranging your bookings and managing any changes for you.

For those not wanting to leave the site, on site tennis coaching and swimming lessons with professionals are available for all ages. Managing your appointments is part of the package, alongside your slots with our on-site masseuse and beautician.

As well as booking and managing all of your on and off-site activities during your stay, we also do the same for local restaurants. There are some incredible choices, including one within walking distance. Luckily for you babysitting nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays. These nights present the perfect opportunity for mums and dads to switch off completely, get dressed up and go out to enjoy that peaceful dinner together.

We make it a priority to know all important information about first time guests before they arrive, to ensure that everyone is having the time of their lives. Our kids club is an example of that and is also the very model of bespoke care.

Where other resorts and kids’ clubs sort children into age groups without much more thought, we know the personalities of our kids. Due to us having such a high return rate of guests we are able to anticipate the mix of children’s personalities and adapt our activities each week. We let any grouping happen organically and adapt to suit. It sounds like a lot of planning, and it is, but that’s for us to worry about. It would normally be down to you to do all of that planning and research, losing valuable holiday time. Our bespoke holiday service isn’t just a concierge or rep service, it’s a revelation in holiday making.

Get in touch with our bespoke holiday planning service now and let us tailor make your next family adventure!