Fun Activities for Families During Hot Temperatures

Jul 7, 2023

Recharge and Revel in Rural France

Bonjour, adventure seekers! Bonjour, all those seeking rest and relaxation, too!

Do you crave a family holiday that offers both adventure and a chance to unwind? Do you want to keep your kids entertained while you spend quality time as a couple? Do you want a better chance to bond as a family, participating in activities that appeal to all of you? Do you want fun activities during summer hot temperatures ? 

Yes, you really can have it all at Country Kids. We’re nestled in 30 acres of idyllic rural France. From water escapades to indoor amusement, we offer a medley of memory-making activities to quench your thirst for summer fun that keep our guests coming back year after year.

Don’t take our word for it. Our guests regularly tell us we deliver the best family holidays in Europe. This review from SimNugget on TripAdvisor is typical of the comments we receive:

Another week of perfection!

Fourth time visiting, and it still amazes me how much fun the children have and how much pleasure the parents get.

Plenty of activities for adults and children at a pace you choose. Amazing kids club and attention to detail throughout the stay, nothing is too much effort. 5-star stay from the minute you walk through the door until the minute you leave.

One day I’ll win the boule tournament!

Let’s dive in to discover a few of the fun activities for families that you’ll find here at Country Kids.

Splashing Water Fun

Our family pool is perfect for balmy summer days. You can relax with your toes in the water while enjoying a freshly prepared cocktail, or swim a few lengths to get the blood flowing before the rest of the day unfolds.

Dive into the crystal-clear water. It’s the perfect antidote to scorching summer sun. Our pool is the hub of our intimate family complex, whether it’s the scene of laughter, exhilaration, and aquatic antics, or a place to spend a relaxing hour or two while the kids are off playing with their new friends.

Our water slide is always popular, with the kids especially. Where do they get their energy from?

And we mustn’t forget to mention poolside games. Bask in the warm embrace of the sun before or after you’ve played a little on-the-spot water volleyball or raced your kids from one end of the pool to the other. It’s also the perfect setting for your kids to brush up on their swimming skills.

Outdoor Adventures

You’ll find getting back to nature is one of the easiest and most enjoyable pleasures to pursue in our gated, car-free resort.

Embark on a family nature walk around our resort, meandering through the vibrant green landscape. Make sure you take your camera with you, as you discover the exotic flora and fauna of this amazing slice of natural Occitanie. Forest bathing has never been so exhilarating.

Take a picnic with you. Pick a shaded spot under a lush canopy, and relish a home-made feast while you listen to the sounds of the nearby forest. Make sure you take a ball or frisbee, too – the kids just never run out of steam!

For those days when you feel a little more adventurous, why not hop on a road bike or mountain bike and explore the local area? Indulge yourself in our heritage, history, and culture. Pedal along scenic routes. Stop by local attractions, artisan shops, or quaint cafes on your travels.

And if you don’t fancy a day in the saddle, why not take part in one of the hikes that depart from our front gates?

Indoor Entertainment

Sometimes it’s just nice to stay indoors, isn’t it? To either escape the sun or shelter from an occasional shower. (Don’t worry, summer showers are a rare occurrence in Languedoc.)

We’ve got you covered here, too…

Our arts and crafts workshops are always a hit with the kids. They love creating masterpieces with natural materials we help them find in the woods ─ and you’ll be surprised how their imaginations can run wild!

There are also a few culinary adventures to be experienced. Will your kids take the skills they learn back home with them? If they do, you could find yourself living off cookies and pizzas until they have grown and flown.

Relaxation and Wellness

While the kids are having the time of their lives, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. What better than to achieve inner peace and harmony in our tranquil surroundings?

We provide yoga and meditation sessions to help you return de-stressed and work out the months of non-stop hurly burly of modern family life. Family sessions can help you bond.

As you relax in our outdoor lounging areas, enjoy a cool drink or glass of wine from our wine cellar and lose yourself in heart-to-heart conversations surrounded by scenic beauty. And if you want some ‘you time’, sit in a shaded alcove and lose yourself in that book you’ve been too busy read for the last six months.

Night-time is also the perfect opportunity to relax. Take yourselves to one of the exceptional local restaurants while your kids are in the safety of an experienced babysitter or child-minding service.

For something a little different, you could simply lay down in the meadow and look up. Away from city lights, stargazing is truly a magical experience, especially under our enchanting, star-studded sky.

Local Excursions

While there is plenty to do and to keep your kids amused at Country Kids, you can’t visit without experiencing the local culture. We can arrange day trips for you to nearby historical sites where you’ll become engrossed in French architecture, heritage, and culture.

And you can’t say you’ve experienced France until you have visited a local market. Dive into the vibrancy of local street market trade. Savour the local, fresh produce, and grab yourself a unique souvenir of your visit. You’ll find the locals extremely charming.

You might also fancy a trip to a local winery. We can recommend several off-the-beaten-tracks. We’ve carefully selected our wines from them. The tasting was a terrible hardship! But so worth it: our efforts have helped us to maintain our wine cellar with 700 bottles from all the domaines. Dipping in and tasting them is one of the favourite activities of our adult guests!


A family holiday should be a time to celebrate, and we make sure it is. One of our most talked about events is our Friday lunch-time family barbecue. Gather round the fire. Share stories with other guests. Marvel in the friendships you and your kids have formed. And simply enjoy each other’s company.

Enjoy a Scintillating Summer Holiday at Country Kids

From pulsating pool games to tranquil stargazing nights, we cater for all the family at Country Kids. With so many fun activities for families, you can be assured that you’ll have an unforgettable adventure. Are you ready to create lasting memories in the bewitching backdrop of rural France?

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