10 Screen-Free Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Country Kids

Oct 20, 2023

Unplugged Adventures: Discovering Joy in the Great Outdoors!

Oh, for a few screen-free activities to keep the kids amused for more than half an hour!

Keeping the kids off their screens is a perpetual quest, a struggle most parents understand all too well. Not at Country Kids, it isn’t! Here, your children will revel in a treasure trove of activities that will make them forget all about their Kindles and iPads.

Don’t believe us? Then read on to discover 10 fantastic activities that will keep the kids hooked without their eyes becoming square, helping to create the best family holiday.

Why Screen-Free Time Matters

Screen-based activities have their place. Online games can be good to teach teamwork. These can also be good to improve hand-eye coordination skills. And there’s a wealth of information available on the internet. But too much screen time can be hugely detrimental, too.

Spending too much time on a screen can lead to issues with attention and concentration. The lack of exercise can cause obesity. When a child isn’t interacting with other children, they find it difficult to integrate in social situations. And when a child is bonding with their screen, they aren’t bonding with their parents.

Screen-free activities help children develop into more rounded individuals. And outdoor play helps to foster wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

Here are 10 screen-free activities that children revel in at Country Kids.

Finding Friends and Playing Classic Outdoor Games

Outdoor play is a universal language. It breaks down barriers and makes forging new friendships a breeze. At Country Kids, your kids have plenty of space in safe, gated, and car-free grounds to play classic games like Tag and Hide-and-Seek. Such games instil teamwork, cultivate empathy, and sprinkle life with abundant laughter!

The Great Country Kids Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts aren’t simply games. They are adventures. They help children to learn to decode clues, and give them the thrill of finding hidden treasures. It’s a learning journey of pure fun.

Farm-Tastic Animal Encounters

A daily tractor ride to our farm is a delight for all children. Even more delightful is meeting our diverse animal family, from Apache the Horse to Peppa the Pig!

Each encounter brings with it a new learning opportunity. The kids love feeding pigs and chickens, cuddling our rabbits, and hunting out our goats. Will they get lucky, and find an egg for their breakfast?

You’ll arrive with your kids, and leave with young farmers!

Crafty Creations with Natural Materials

Nature’s canvas is beautiful. It also offers an endless bounty of supplies that are ideal for arts and crafts. Will your child make a crown? Will they create a painted masterpiece on a rock they found?

Crafting enriches children with invaluable skills, as well as helping to unleash big imaginations in even the littlest kids, fusing pleasure with lifelong learning.

Build Your Own Nature Fort

Our treehouse is one of our most popular features. The kids love it. They also love to build their own forts. Nature provides all the building supplies they need. All they need to do is work as a team to design and build a clandestine hangout where no adults are allowed!

The Magical World of Bug Safari

Bugs – they’re treasures, not pests!

Country Kids is home to a myriad of bugs, like butterflies and ladybugs. How about keeping a bug journal, recording every small creature you see? What are they? What is their purpose in nature?

If you see your kids huddled in a group, hunched over, and chattering to their new friends, the chances are they’ve found a new ‘beast’ in our forest. It’s an interaction extravaganza!

Night Sky Wonders: Stargazing Adventures

The night sky here is a celestial dance. With no light pollution that afflicts most town and city homes, many of the children that come here will see the fully-lit heavens for the first time. This first brush with a canvas of stars opens minds. If you’re lucky enough, you may even witness a meteor shower, shooting stars, or Mars and Venus in perfect alignment.

Back Garden Camping: The Adventure at Your Doorstep

Who wants to camp when you have the luxury of staying in one of our amazing family apartments? Each has its own entrance and private terrace. Huge double beds for the parents. Hand-built stone and timber kitchens. Bathrooms that you’ll be talking about for months.

Your kids, of course!

Our grounds are your back garden, and a perfect location for your children to enjoy a night around a campfire, making smores, stargazing, and deepening new friendships.

Making a Splash in the Pool

Kids love the pool. They’ll play games like MarcoPolo and Sharks and Minnows. They’ll have fun on the water slide. Our swimming instructor will help children swim for the first time, or improve their early swimming ability.

When It’s Wet Outside

We can’t guarantee that it will never rain (though it rarely does here). If it should rain, there is no need for your kids to be gloomy. The animals must still be fed, and eggs collected. How about a mud-pie championship? And if it is just too wet to play outside, we have our indoor play areas and kids Club.

The Bottom Line

There we have it. An array of activities that will keep your kids off their screens and clamouring for more. And this is by no means a comprehensive list of the kids’ activities available at Country Kids. It’s just a taster. A ‘start for 10’.

Country Kids is calling to your kids. A world of rural adventures awaits. Exhilarating, enlightening experiences that will make your child forget they even have an iPad or Kindle. And you’ll get to watch something quite magical – your kid immersing in a world of bountiful joy, and countless cherished moments.

To learn more, read about our accommodation and packages.

To avoid missing out on the family holiday of a lifetime, make a booking enquiry now.

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