11 Occitanie Foods You Will Love

Sep 15, 2023

Unveiling the French Culinary Paradise of Occitanie

The allure of French cuisine is undeniable. The country is a gastronomic haven, but tucked away in its southern corner is the Occitanie region, and this is an area that holds the essence of French culinary magic.

Meet the Food Lovers’ Haven of Occitanie

Occitanie boasts a rich gastronomic history that has been shaped through centuries. Its culinary heritage is as diverse as its landscape. Each dish is punctuated by the region’s history, a reminder of wars, trades, and evolving civilisations – yet blending seamlessly with the Mediterranean culture.

To eat in Occitanie is to journey through time, to savour stories immortalized in flavour.

The region is a picturesque mosaic of sun-kissed vineyards stretching endlessly under cerulean skies, bustling markets echoing with the harmonious cacophony of traders and locals, and a myriad of age-old family recipes that have stood the test of time.

Chefs are among Occitanie’s most passionate residents. They have a fire in their bellies and magic in their hands. Every food you taste here will linger long after the last bite.

From Farm to Fork: The Story of Occitanie’s Ingredients

Occitanie’s culinary experience isn’t only about the dishes that will delight your senses. It’s an ode to the essence of its cuisine – the ingredients used to create masterpieces, the memories of which will call you back for more. The ideal place to experience agritourism.

Sweet figs of Solliès, zesty olives of Languedoc, tasty truffles of our forests, the fruits of the Mediterranean Sea… the list goes on. Echoes of ancient groves and sea breezes that have only improved with time. Every ingredient used here is cast so lovingly that they are not only components of a dish – they are the narration of stories and traditions that form the soul of this region.

However, the enchanting stories of these ingredients go beyond individual commentary. There is an unbreakable bond between the land and the fork.

The stewards of the land are the farmers, whose ancestors have passed down their traditions and wisdom through centuries. Chefs share this respect for the land, with a natural understanding of which ingredients to combine for the most exquisite dishes. It’s a personal relationship between land and fork that goes far beyond professional collaboration.

Love of the land encapsulates this entire culinary sphere. It’s a timeless value that dictates the practice of sustainability, and the necessity for harmony with nature.

Unravelling the Mouthwatering French Specialties of Occitanie and Beyond

While we’re passionate about our regional foods, we’re also passionate about the culinary delights from the whole of France. Here are 11 Occitanie specialities you can discover in the nearby restaurants:

1.     Foie Gras: A Signature Occitanie Delight

The rich, buttery taste of foie gras is unmistakably decadent. Made from duck or goose liver, this pâté-like delicacy is carefully curated through a special feeding process. In Occitanie, it graces many a plate during festive occasions, often paired with sweet wine or fruit preserves.

2.     Truffle: The Exquisite Black Diamonds

Truffles, dubbed ‘black diamonds’, are among the world’s most sought-after gourmet treasures. Occitanie’s forests provide the perfect habitat for these fungi. Here, truffle hunting is almost a ritual, with trained dogs leading the search. Once found, they add their musky, earthy flavours to a plethora of dishes.

3.     Garbure: A Soup for All Seasons

A hearty stew from the Pyrenees, Garbure combines cabbage, beans, confit duck, and sometimes pork. It’s the kind of dish that warms your soul, typically enjoyed after a chilly day out.

4.     Bourride: The Cousin of Bouillabaisse

A lesser-known but equally delicious seafood stew, Bourride distinguishes itself with its creamy aioli sauce. Served hot with local fish varieties, it’s a treat for seafood aficionados.

5.     The Tielle: Tomato and octopus Pie Specialty from Sète

This savoury pie is a marriage of tender octopus and rich tomato sauce encased in a golden pastry crust. Originating from Sète, it offers a taste of the Mediterranean with every bite.

6.     Discovering Cassoulet

A casserole of beans, sausages, and sometimes lamb or mutton. It’s a communal dish, meant to be shared, and perfect for a Sunday luncheon where stories flow freely.

7.     Revelling in the Exquisite Taste of Roquefort Cheese

Roquefort, with its sharp taste and distinct blue veins, has a history linked to the caves of Mas Pandit. This cheese is an experience, be it on a cheeseboard or in a salad.

8.     The Magic of Occitanie’s Fresh Seafood

Oysters, mussels, and other fresh catches from Meze are a testament to Occitanie’s rich coastal bounty. Best enjoyed fresh with a spritz of lemon!

9.     Fall in Love with Toulouse Sausages

These sausages, wrapped in a thin crepe and topped with caramelized onions and mustard, are a tribute to Farmer Syl’s cherished childhood memories.

10.  Aligot

A velvety blend of mashed potatoes and cheese, Aligot is so stretchy and creamy that it’s often said to be ‘pulled’ rather than ‘served’.

11.  Crème Catalane

Occitanie’s answer to the crème brûlée ─ this dessert infuses vanilla and citrus zest, offering a sweet conclusion to any meal.

Now, for a few other French classics that you can also expect to explode your tastebuds here at Country Kids (plus one or two of our own creations):

·      Boeuf Bourguignon: An Unmissable French Classic

Slow-cooked beef in red wine, coupled with mushrooms, onions, and garlic, this dish is French comfort food at its finest. Though not exclusive to Occitanie, the region has its own delightful twist to it.

·      Le Croissant Monsieur

Transforming the humble croissant into a culinary masterpiece, this dish is generously stuffed with ham, melted cheese, and creamy béchamel sauce. It’s breakfast redefined.

·      Onion Tart: A Delicious Starter to Kick Off Any French Meal in Style

Caramelized onions, herbs, and sometimes a sprinkle of cheese on a flaky tart base ─ it’s simple, rustic, and irresistibly good.

·      Raclette

This dish is a celebration of cheese. Melted raclette cheese drizzled over charcuterie and potatoes ─ it’s a social meal, perfect for gatherings like those at Country Kids.

·      The Sweet Seduction of Laure’s Sunday Ice cream Recipe

A dessert that tastes like summer ─ creamy vanilla ice cream is drizzled with chestnut jam, then topped with fluffy whipped cream and crunchy meringue. Absolute bliss!

·      Friday Lunch BBQ at Country Kids

Our Friday lunchtime barbecue isn’t just any barbecue ─ it’s an event. Imagine juicy grills paired with a unique touch of melted camembert cheese straight from the glowing embers, creating a smoky, creamy delight.

Don’t Forget the Wine!

Ah, wine! Get the pairing with a meal right, and you’ll find you elevate the culinary experience to heights you thought unimaginable. Every dish we’ve listed here can find a unique pairing with a wine from this Occitanie.

From the intense reds that are the perfect accompaniment to Boeuf Bourguignon, to crisp whites that gently tantalise your mouth and are a perfect partner to fish dishes, every glass promises to turn even the simplest meal into a heavenly food adventure.

(Did we tell you that we hold over 700 bottles of some of the region’s finest wines in our wine cellar, which is open for your pleasure?)

Cook Like an Occitanie Local

Picture taking a little piece of Occitanie back home with you. Standing in a sunlit kitchen, stirring a pot of aromatic cassoulet, the gentle, rustic aroma filling your dining space with memories of a unique and fun-packed holiday in the South of France.

With the right ingredients, a touch of dedication, and a generous sprinkle of passion, you can transform your kitchen into a slice of Occitanie, bringing those cherished flavours right to your dinner table.

Occitanie Food – The Stuff Memories Are Made Of!

So, our journey into the foods of the Occitanie region draws to a close. Whatever we’ve said in the written word cannot come close to the experience on your tongue. You see, to the French, and especially here, food is more than using the finest ingredients and combining them with love.

The French food experience is an emotion. It’s a memory that is forever etched in your tastebuds. In Occitanie, you’ll feel the love of food in its mesmerising landscapes, its timeless culinary traditions, and the warm embrace of the locals.

If you wish to hold this culinary and regional enchantment in your memory bank, Country Kids is your solution. You’ll not only get the full French hospitality treatment, but you’ll leave with the authentic taste of Occitanie and homecooked cuisine lingering too – and a desire to relive the experience at home.

Bon appétit!

To find out more about the unique family holiday experience at Country Kids, contact us by email today.

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