Tips to Create Unforgettable Family Holiday Memories

Nov 10, 2022

Make Next Summer the Family Holiday That You’ll Be Talking About in 20 Years

What do your kids write about when their teacher asks them what they did during the summer break? What do you tell your friends about your family holiday?

A memorable family vacation is more than just a break from the daily grind. It’s a chance to create new memories and grow closer together as a family while exploring new places and cultures.

When you experience the family holiday of a lifetime, the memories will stick with you and your children forever. You’ll have tales to tell and retell for the rest of your life. At future family gatherings, your stories will help to reconnect you. Your holiday memories will become a common strand that helps to bind your family together.

Yes, memories created by an unforgettable family holiday really are this powerful. But how do you create such a memorable family holiday?

We’ve got more than a little experience in helping our guests to have a holiday experience that will live in their memories forever. Here’s the formula that ensures this (with a few of the comments that have been left on TripAdvisor).

1.    Make Certain You Get Quality Time Together as a Family

Family holidays are a time to reconnect with each other. To do this, you’ve got to have the time free to do so. You’ve got to have activities that you do together.

You don’t want to spend all your time figuring out what to do, where to go, and when to go. And you certainly don’t want to spend hours trying to book restaurant tables and activities, especially in a foreign country in which there may be a language barrier.

At Country Kids, we spend time with you to help plan your time with us. Then we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll reserve tables at local restaurants. We’ll book your tickets at local attractions. We’ll plan your routes on cycle rides or hikes. Your responsibility? To sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday.

“On no other holiday have we been able to read our books, relax, have some amazing couple time (e.g. at the phenomenal La Palombe restaurant just down the road, visiting vineyards and riding E bikes), but also unforgettable family time.” HFG374, TripAdvisor

2.    Get Quality Time as a Couple

You work hard. And when you’re not at work, you’re cleaning the house, looking after the kids, cooking, or wearing the unpaid taxi driver hat! A family holiday should also be the opportunity for you to spend quality time together, without worrying about the kids. Time for you to reconnect as a couple.

Our sitting service allows you to do exactly this. Two evenings a week during your stay with us, you’ll be able to go and have that romantic meal or evening walking and talking that you’ve been promising yourselves for… how long is it now?

During the day, there are so many supervised activities for the kids to take part in that you’ll think you’ve lost them. Meanwhile, why not sit by the pool and enjoy a cocktail with new friends?

“Did I mention that a babysitter comes twice a week so that you can walk down to the Michelin style restaurant down the road?” mayday, TripAdvisor

3.    Ensure Each Day Is a Learning Day

Family holidays are an excellent opportunity to provide extra-curricular education for kids, and to introduce them to things they wouldn’t experience at school.

At Country Kids, we believe the best way to learn is by play and activity. Your children will learn about how a farm works, and meet and pet our animals. They’ll have the opportunity to learn to swim or improve their swimming. Our grounds are like a nature explorer’s paradise.

Children here go away with a little more than with which they arrive. A little more knowledge of the world around them. A little more language skills. A few more life skills. A greater appreciation for a different culture – and maybe they’ll get a taste for our fine French food!

“Speaking of kids, this is a child’s dream! The kids club entertains the kids with such a variety of options. The staff is kind and fun! Activities vary based on the children’s interests. They will not be bored ─ in fact ours are begging to go back next summer! The loved the ride each morning to feed the animals! Our nine─year─old even did the overnight camping excursion.” dkc_chi, TripAdvisor

4.    Meet New People and Make New Friends

A holiday is the perfect time to meet new people, and you’ll find that your children will revel in the company of new friends. So will you. In fact, many of our guests rebook for the same time next year to meet up again with the people they have met during their time with us.

“We’ve met so many great people over the years and have been blessed with making friendships that will last for years to come.” BeGlossed, TripAdvisor

5.    Be Safe and Secure

The safety of your family is always a concern, especially when you are travelling, and especially when staying in an unfamiliar location. We understand this. Which is why our 30 acres of fenced grounds are car free. You can let your kids roam, explore, and play with their new friends with the certain knowledge that they are safe.

“The site very secure and just the right size to allow slightly older kids to roam ‘free’ and safely if they want to, something that is rare for children to be able to these days.” Linda, TripAdvisor

6.    Get the Rest and Relaxation That You Need

Oh, to unwind! Imagine no cooking, no cleaning, no pressure. Imagine everyday tensions ebbing away. Imagine the time to read a book, or to take a walk as a family. Imagine doing things as a family with no time stress. Imagine lazing by a pool and drifting gently to sleep.

Keep that picture in your head! Its name? Country Kids.

“The food is French cuisine and very good. They have chefs on site and the meals are varied and delicious. The staff are simply fantastic. Special shout out to Emma the manager but all are courteous and patient. It also feels like there is a 1:1 staff to adult guest ratio.” Ben G. TripAdvisor

7.    Have New Experiences

Holidays are a perfect time to try something new as a family. At Country Kids you will never run out of new experiences. Whether it is in our grounds or nearby, there is plenty for you to do together. Horse riding. Cycling. Tennis. Fishing. Kayaking. Boules (could you be our new weekly winner?). Climbing. Or you may decide to visit local towns and villages, to experience our wonderful culture, sample our cuisine, and get a taste of this region’s rich heritage.

Seriously, there is not enough time for us to name and describe everything that is available to you onsite and near to us.

“In terms of activities, there is something for everyone, from fishing to golf, yoga, tennis, cycling, bike rides, spa treatments etc. My personal favourite is the Petanque (boules) nights!” Linda, TripAdvisor

8.    Book the Best Accommodation

Your accommodation can make or break a family holiday. The accommodation at Country Kids is designed for families. You’ll have your own space, with everything you need. You’ll have your privacy, while being where the action is.

And our inclusive packages include all your cooking and cleaning done for you – so you get to focus on what you need most: rest, relaxation, and family time.

“We literally had everything ready for us (food, bed, toys, towels for the heated pool!) and our daughter was enchanted by the setting. During our stay, there was nothing that was too much to ask for, and no detail that was missed. Although you can self-cater, we opted to let ourselves be spoiled by cooked meals every day ─ and it truly was a culinary delight for us foodies.” AnnieK, TripAdvisor

9.    Know Your Budget – and Don’t Bust It!

It’s easy to go away and blow a budget, isn’t it? Which is why we offer fully inclusive packages. And when we say fully inclusive, we really mean it. Everything at Country Kids is included. Your meals, snacks, and unlimited drinks (you’ll love our wine cellar!), as well as all onsite activities, and our holiday planning services. All you need to factor in addition to your holiday cost is offsite costs.

“Over the years we have all been looked after so well, which has ensured that each and every one of us leaves having had the most wonderful of holidays… The ‘Everything’s Included’ package means that all of our needs are met through the week, we are never hungry or thirsty!” BeGlossed, TripAdvisor

Make Your Next Family Holiday Your Most Memorable Yet

The benefits of holidaying as a family are endless, and your family holiday should be the highlight of your year. You should get to spend quality time together (and have free time without the kids), as well as have opportunities to learn and try new things, and make new friends.

Family holidays should also be a time to rest and relax, and recharge your batteries.

Most of all, a great family holiday will give you more than pictures and videos. It will give you indelible memories of time together well spent. Special and unforgettable experiences.

At Country Kids, we are very lucky. We get to help our guests create unforgettable family holiday memories. Indeed, you’ll arrive as guests, and leave as family friends.

Here are a few of the headlines from TripAdvisor reviews:

  • “Unique family experience”
  • “Most memorable family trip”
  • “Our happy place”
  • “French paradise for all the family”
  • “One-of-a-kind experience”
  • “Extreme family relaxation”
  • “Superb family holiday & can’t wait to go again”
  • “Nowhere beats Country Kids”

To learn more about what it is that makes Country Kids a one-of-a-kind, fun-packed family holiday, please get in touch with Laure and Sylvan, any time, on +33(0)6 77 54 56 00 ─ or by emailing

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