Agritourism: 7 Reasons Families Choose Countryside Holidays in France

Apr 28, 2022

Family-Friendly Farm Stays Deliver It All

Countryside holidays in France are booming in popularity, with more Brits than ever choosing family-friendly farm stays. And top of the list are luxury farm vacations, especially those where the farm is in a forest.

Should you choose what’s known as agritourism as your holiday this year? Here are seven reasons why so many families are choosing a forest vacation when it’s combined with a luxury farm holiday.

1.      A Walk in Nature Is Stress-Busting

After the rigours of your working week, there’s little better than getting into the countryside with the family, is there? Being close to nature helps to reduce stress. It’s great for your heart, too. Studies have shown that even a short break of just 20 minutes in a city park can reduce levels of stress hormones in your body.

Now imagine a week or two of being in nature. Perfect for tired/stressed/all consumed parents.

2.      Farm Vacations Help Children to Discover Their Sense of Self

In the early years, children are taking a journey toward self-discovery. They learn through trial and error, and each success is another steppingstone to self-confidence.

Here at Country Kids, younger children love the morning tractor ride to the farm, followed by feeding Apache the horse, collecting eggs from the chickens, and feeding the pigs. They are trusted to complete their tasks in a safe environment. And all the while, they are learning to problem solve, as well as becoming acquainted with ‘risk’.

3.      Countryside Holidays Make You Feel Happier

Adults and children who connect with nature feel happier. And when this connection is combined with connection to new friends, and trying new activities, your sense of wellbeing rockets skywards. We are wired to be outside, and Japanese studies have shown that ‘forest bathing’ – being in nature and engaging with it – makes us more contented and better able to cope.

A countryside holiday at Country Kids is a one-of-a-kind experience, a location that is a wonderful place to retreat from the hustle of everyday life. You can disconnect from work and routine, and connect to family and nature. There are plenty of activities for kids – including trampolining, mini-golf, sandpits, soft play, the treehouse, and more. Parents can relax by the pool or go fishing, play golf, go hiking… the list is endless.

4.      Family-Friendly Farm Stays Boost Your Kids’ Communication Skills

More than half of communication is nonverbal, and, on a farm, kids really get to work their nonverbal communication skills. They need to watch for nonverbal cues, listen well, and learn to remember. It’s a practical environment that helps kids to develop the interaction skills that are so important at school and through life.

5.      A Luxury Farm Holiday Is Fantastic for Focus

Your brain is a muscle, and just like all other muscles, it needs a break now and again. Modern life overstimulates. A walk through a forest gets your senses going. Relax into the countryside, and learn to live. The smells. The sights. The sounds. Nature cleanses your mind from all that stimulation back home and at work.

6.      Countryside Activities Aid Learning, Independence, and Teamwork for Kids

A luxury farm vacation shouldn’t only help parents to relax, it should provide a wealth of opportunities for kids to grow whatever their age.

As the kids take part in daily farm life, they will develop a greater appreciation for animals, learn more about how plants grow, and become closer to nature. They’ll run, jump, climb, and roll in grassy fields, and become more confident in group situations as they become more confident in group situations.

Older kids who holiday at Country Kids love the weekly camping trip, where they get the chance to barbecue sausages, roast marshmallows and play games before retiring to their tents. This is not only a great learning experience for them, it’s also a fun activity that introduces them to a little (supervised) independence.

7.      Family-Friendly Farm Stays Help You Slow Down

You spend the whole year planning and doing. A holiday on a farm in the bosom of a forest helps you to do the one thing that will recharge your batteries – slow down. We do all the planning for you. You’ll have everything you need with a guarantee of a wonderful holiday. We take care of your kids. You get to reconnect with your self and nature in the peaceful surroundings of a beautiful forest, with all the luxuries you need to make your stay extra special.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a taste of what our guests say about Country Kids:

Another fantastic stay at Country Kids!

“It really is the perfect holiday for families, especially those with young children. We loved watching our kids make friends, have fun, and see their confidence grow. It was the perfect balance of family time and guilt-free adult time, knowing your kids are being brilliantly cared for, too.”

A magical vacation

“We have just returned from a wonderful week at Country Kids. The secluded location (beautiful), excellent security, and the right size site allowed our children to roam freely the whole time and we didn’t have to worry once. This says a lot, we are normally far too cautious.”

Great family vacation and can’t wait to go back!

“The simple genius of Country Kids is the fact that kids can run free, explore and play with other kids and make new friends while you know they’re happy. It’s a fantastic holiday for them, along with the other little ones and the parents. As parents, you are confident that they are safe, entertained and having fun for a whole week. Every year we meet lovely other parents who help make the whole week completely brilliant.”

Nowhere beats the Country Kids

“On no other holiday have we been able to read our books, relax, spend unforgettable moments as a couple (for example at the phenomenal La Palombe restaurant just down the street, visit vineyards and ride electric bikes) but also unforgettable family moments.”

Isn’t it time you benefitted from a family-friendly farm stay on a forest vacation?

We’re now open for booking for 2022 and 2023. And if you have any questions, please get in touch with Laure and Sylvain, any time, on +33(0)6 77 54 56 00 ─ or by emailing

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