French Hospitality ─ Country Kids Style

Dec 22, 2021

The Kids Holiday in France That Is a Proper Holiday for Parents

France is famous for the outstanding service you receive. But then, it should be. France is the most visited country in the world, and it relies heavily on tourism which represents around 10% of its GDP. Customer service standards must be high to maintain this level of popularity.

When you think of French hospitality, do you think of Fred Sirieix – made famous as the Maitre d’hotel on hit TV show First Dates ─  and the level of service he provides? Or do you remember the way you were greeted by someone you only just met and invited to lunch on your first day in a French holiday destination?

Like the whole of the hospitality sector in France, we pride ourselves on how we treat our guests. How can you expect to be treated at this little oasis in the Languedoc region? What does French hospitality look like when it is done Country Kids style?

No ordinary family friendly resort in the south of France

When you visit Country Kids, you’ll quickly learn that we deliver a kids’ holiday like no other in France. We developed this family holiday destination as parents ourselves. We wanted to offer families something they just don’t get at other family friendly resorts in France. An amazing experience that guarantees enjoyment for all.

Our recipe of incredible hospitality includes:

But it is so much more. From the first moment you arrive, we ensure that you are fully catered for.

We do the housekeeping

This is a holiday, right? And not only for your kids. We believe you should get to relax and unwind, too. So forget the housekeeping. We do it all for you. Your job? Focus on having a great time.

Childcare is included

Yes, that’s right. Our holiday packages include flexible childcare. We’ll entertain your children in our secure grounds. They get to make new friends and learn new skills in the Kids’ Club. You don’t need to book. Simply drop off your little ones with us, and take time to destress knowing your kids are having tremendous fun.

You can relax by the pool, or go off and do your own thing. Your kids are going to have a ball with their new ‘besties’.

And what if you want a little adult time in the evenings, perhaps to go and enjoy a sensational dinner in one of the tremendous restaurants nearby? No problem. Our ‘A La Carte’ and ‘Absolutely Everything Included’ packages include two evenings of babysitting.

A la carte food basket

We understand what travelling is like. All you want to do when you arrive is to relax into your holiday straight away. No worries about finding and negotiating a supermarket. We take the stress away with a super food basket prepared for your arrival.

A first day on holiday like no other

We want you to enjoy yourself from the moment you pull up to the gates. We’ll take care of your luggage for you. You can go and relax by the pool. Your dinner, prepared by our chef, will be waiting for you in your fridge to warm up when you wish.

Cheers! Help yourself to our wine cellar

What is ours, is yours. The French are renowned for the quality of our wines, and we invite you to help yourself to our wine cellar. And if wine isn’t your preferred tipple? No problem – whatever your choice of alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks, it’s free for you in our ‘Everything Included’ package.

Relax on an active holiday without the stress

So here’s the thing. You want a relaxing holiday, but you also want to do plenty. This usually means hours of stressful searches for things to do, and then even more stress booking it all. Forget all this! Our bespoke holiday planning ensures you get the tailor-made family adventure you desire.

We will book all your on-site and off-site activities. And that special dinner without the kids? We’ll book the restaurant for you. You focus on getting dressed up and enjoying your evening while our in-apartment babysitting service ensures your kids are safe and well-looked after.

The ultimate kids holiday and a proper holiday for parents

This is only a flavour of our hospitality. There are many more ways in which we ensure you don’t need to lift a finger during your stay with us. You are our guests, and we know what it’s like to be busy parents – and we believe you deserve your time to.

As Linda recently commented on TripAdvisor:

“A proper holiday for parents! This year was our 6th year at Country Kids! Owners Laure and Sylvain (along with the rest of the staff) have created a winning formula which means that both parents and kids are guaranteed a wonderful holiday… I honestly think that some of our happiest memories as a family have been at Country Kids, it’s a truly magical place.”

Whatever your needs, our mission is to provide you with the hospitality that guarantees you enjoy the holiday you deserve. To find out more about our personalised service, contact Country Kids today.

Parents bedroom with open bathroom in luxury resort south of france