Languedoc-Roussillon – The Perfect Place for Family Holidays

Jan 26, 2022

Where Kids of All Ages Experience the Best in Culture, Cuisine, Coast, and Countryside

The Languedoc-Roussillon region (now known as Occitanie) in the south of France is unlike any other in this wonderful country. And it is perfect for family holidays.

The weather plays its part in the joy of life experienced by residents and visitors here. 300 days of sunshine each year provide the perfect climate for an outdoor lifestyle that includes local markets, streetside cafés, country walks, sports, and rural activities.

Whether you want to spend a lazy afternoon on a sun-drenched beach, sample fine local cuisine, become acquainted with local history and art, or hike in the mountains, everything that Occitanie has to offer is within easy reach of the Country Kids Resort in Le Mas Pandit. This includes Montpellier, which is named seventh in the list of top trending destinations to explore in 2022.

A Culture Like No Other

Everyday life here is shaped by traditions that go back centuries, formed by an infusion of cultures and influences that have evolved to complement each other – just like the countryside here that traverses through the mountains, the Causses and plains, as the land drifts toward the sea.

Walk around the Camargue, and you’ll find niche businesses that still thrive on the ancient arts. In the south, in the towns dotted along the Mediterranean coast, you’ll find fishermen doing what they have been doing for hundreds of years.

There is a rich history of heritage in this region. Around every corner is a place to explore – abbeys, castles, historic sites, and monuments. You’ll find five on the UNESCO World Heritage List:

  1. Pont du Gard the Roman aqueduct straddling the Gardon river
  2. The Canal du Midi, built in the 17th century, and an industrial feat of civil engineering that blends into the countryside
  3. Carcassonne, the fortified town that takes you back to medieval times
  4. The Abbey of St Guilhem, around 40 minutes from our resort
  5. The Abbey of St Gilles du Gard, a Benedictine monastery and abbey-church built in the 12th century

A Region That Is Perfect for You

We can say with certainty that Occitanie is perfect for you. Why? Because it really does have it all. It has the most amazing coastline that attracts vast numbers of visitors every year. Yet half the region is mountainous.

There are more than 20 recognised seaside resorts and ports for you to visit. Revel in regattas. Calm yourself on a cruise along the coast. All manner of water sports is available here – from canoeing to windsurfing. You can fish, cycle, run, go horse riding, play tennis, or go skiing. Many such activities are available within the safe boundaries of the Country Kids resort – and those that aren’t can be arranged for you.

The summer months are ideal to taste the joie-de-vivre from which the residents of Occitaine benefit. Not a day passes without a music or dance festival, or a carnival, or the opportunity to find local handy crafts in a village shop or market.

Paradise for Food and Wine Lovers

If there are two things the French are most famous for, it is their food and wine. Where should we start?

You’ll find that we give you an eclectic choice of food at Country Kids, but we also recommend that you visit some of the exceptional local restaurants to sample the typical dishes of the region.

If you love fish, you’ll love dishes such as Brandade de Nimes, an emulsion of salt cod, olive oil, and potatoes. Or Bourride de Sète, a white fish stew, first brought to the region by the Phocaeans. Or the locally sourced sea urchins, clams, mussels, and Thau basin oysters.

You’ll leave adoring the Aligot (a cheese and garlic blended mashed potato dish), and the cassoulet, and the petits pâtés of Pézénas are the stuff from which legends are made.

Perfect accompaniments to all these delightful dishes are the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon. Winemaking dates back centuries here. Vineyards stretch for miles, from the banks of the Rhône as far as the Pyrénées, and produce some of the best and most loved wines in France. But don’t worry – you won’t have to travel to sip the best of wines. Just help yourself to them from our wine cellar.

A Holiday for Kids That Is for All the Family

At Country Kids, our mission is to provide the perfect holiday for all the family. Your kids will have the best time ─ trying new things and making new friends ─ but so will you.

The beautiful region of Languedoc-Roussillon will introduce you to a pace of life you never thought possible, with everything your heart desires on your doorstep.

We deliver all that we can from this paradise – including making all the arrangements for you to enjoy our region to its fullest, on-site and off-site, while staying in luxurious accommodation.

To find out more, including our personalised service, contact Country Kids today.

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