Best Family Holidays in Europe: The Safest Areas in France 

Nov 20, 2023

Where to Go for Family Friendly Holidays and Lifetime Memories

Europe’s a tinder box of tension and health hazards. At least, that’s what you’d think if you focused only on UK television and newspapers. Take France as an example. Here are just a few of the major headlines in recent months:

  • France is in danger of descending into anarchy (The Spectator).
  • France travel warning issued as tourists told to be wary of serious illness (Daily Record).
  • France is like a pressure cooker (Sky News).

Wow! Avoid France at all costs for the best family holidays!

Of course, truth is far removed from reality. If we followed everything we saw on TV or read in print, we’d never step out of the house – even in our own countries. 

In this article, we burst the media bubble. We’re going to unveil a side of France you’ll seldom see in the sensationalised mainstream media. Let’s travel beyond the urban hustle and bustle, and uncover the serene embrace of the South of France, where you’ll find an idyllic rural paradise and a warm French welcome in every village you visit.

Why Rural France for the Best Family Holidays?

Ah, rural France! Close your eyes and imagine the natural beauty of serene countryside where silence reigns supreme. Rolling hills whisper tales of an ancient past. Vast forests hum lullabies of simpler times. Meandering rivers cavort around quaint, medieval villages where markets are brimming with local produce and artisan products.

It’s here, in the embrace of authentic France, where you’ll experience the genuine warmth of friendly people at every turn. Could you resist the invitation to partake in the richness of rural French life, to make genuine connections with the locals who are always eager to share the wealth of their land and the stories of their ancestors?

Every cobblestone, every whispering breeze, and every ray of golden sunlight urges you to uncover the traditions of an enchanting land and people.

Perhaps it’s the tranquillity of life, coupled with authentic amiability and rich culture that makes France the ideal destination for your family holiday. A holiday during which you’ll feel safe to create memories to cherish your whole life.

Yep, if you want to experience real France and know that you and your family will be safe, then make rural France your target. The only question is, which part of rural France is best?

Welcome to Occitanie!

Okay, we may be a little bit biased – Occitanie is, after all, our home region – but we think there is no other location in the world that offers so much.

Occitanie is a rural paradise. It’s full of wonders against the backdrop of a countryside delivering a rich tapestry of adventures waiting to be unearthed by families keen on discovering hidden gems. The mountains have a rugged appeal that urges you to become explorers. The rolling fields and wooded glades are perfect for relaxing country hikes. The golden sands of our beaches beckon sunseekers and lovers of water sports. It’s a veritable palette of landscapes for those with an adventurous streak, and those who seek peace and tranquillity.

Yet this is only the beginning of Occitanie’s charm. For this isn’t simply a region of France. It will captivate your soul and ignite your spirit of adventure. It’s a banquet of natural beauty that you’ll find exhilarating and calming. This emotional clash is also evident in every village and town you visit here.

At first glance, the region’s villages are sleepy and laid back. Certainly, they are sanctuaries of peace, and some of the safest places for children to roam and explore the mosaic of cobbled streets and ancient stone houses. 

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll discover each is enveloped in its own charm. Safety and serenity walk hand in hand with the scent of blooming flowers and freshly baked bread, the excitement of vibrant street markets, and the warmth of the locals. It’s a unique experience that you’ll want to repeat time and again.

Maybe it’s this combination that makes all who visit here fall in love with Occitanie. It’s a region steeped in history and a unique, rich culture, with contrasting landscapes that are a feast for the senses, and where the trials and torments of the modern world have not yet penetrated.

Family-Friendly Activities in Occitanie

There is plenty for families to do in Occitanie. Here at Country Kids, for example, you can immerse yourself in a plethora of family activities, including cycling and mountain biking, picnics and outdoor dining, camping, forest bathing, and stargazing – as well as off-site activities including canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, and pony-trekking. But you won’t want to stop there. 

In Occitanie, nature trails are more than rural walking paths. They are mini adventures waiting for you to take. Choose a serene stroll or an exhilarating scavenger hunt. Discover the essence of the region, with a backdrop of whispering trees and chirruping birds.

The region is also home to fairytale castles and gateways to long-forgotten eras. Explore historic locations as you take a voyage through time, and your kids become the knights and princesses that have helped shape the region’s culture and appeal.

Farms, vineyards, and markets deliver a tantalising medley of sights, sounds, and tastes for your senses to explore. But it’s not just about savouring. It’s about immersing yourself in the local cuisine and culture.

Culinary Experiences for Families

If you thought this might be the end of the story, you’ll need to think again! Prepare to become enveloped in a culinary journey that takes you from farm to table. You’ll leave here with the deep appreciation and awareness that the locals have with the connection from soil to plate.

Gastronomy is embedded in Occitanie’s culture. Their love of land and cuisine is its beating heart. Young minds are invited to explore the aromas and flavours that define the essence of French cuisine here, with incredible Occitanie foods you will all love.

While here, why not dip into family cooking classes, with the opportunity to learn how to create a comforting cassoulet and tasty tarte Tatin that will transport you right back here when you are back home in your own kitchen?

Accommodation Choices in Occitanie

There is a wealth of accommodation options in Occitanie. From cozy bed and breakfasts offering a unique blend of homeliness and French hospitality, to rural retreats like vacation homes and villas offering sanctuary in nature’s embrace, the choice is vast and varied. Perhaps you prefer camping in the wild, or a family hotel suite with private balcony?

Then there is Country Kids. We don’t only provide accommodation. We deliver an experience intertwined with rustic charm and familial warmth. You’ll experience an oasis of rest and adventure, with accommodation nestled in the lush Occitanie landscape.

Each of our apartments benefits from unique bathrooms, intentionally designed bedrooms, and open-plan living spaces designed to provide optimal space in which families can bond. And each apartment has a private terrace, too.

Outside of your apartment, you’ll find gated, car-free grounds where there is always a shaded spot to escape the heat of the sun while kids play safely with new-found friends. And at night… well, let’s just say that the star-studded canvas, uncorrupted by light pollution, will take your breath away.

Local Festivals and Events for Families

In Occitanie, the plethora of family-oriented festivals and events will help you experience the ‘joie de vivre’ of the locals.


From the fervour of spring blossoms to enchanting Christmas markets, via harmonious summer gatherings and joyous harvest festivals when land and people come together in a jubilant embrace, the region’s diary of events welcomes families to delve deep into a rich tapestry of folklore and traditions. 

The warmer spring and summer months amplify festive fervour, with events that are an eclectic concoction of music, art, tradition, and the enduring spirit of communal celebration.

Occitanie: Your Passport to Authentic France

Amid the melee of sensationalist headlines and seemingly insurmountable labyrinth of global tension, Occitanie is a beacon of authentic French charm. It’s a bastion of rural delights, where every village is a sanctuary of timeless charm.

Instead of succumbing to the barrage of negative press, embrace this unspoiled idyll. Embark on a journey along which you experience incredible community spirit, hidden gems beyond your wildest imagination, and an open invitation to explore, to bond, to rejuvenate, and to create a tapestry of irreplaceable memories.

In Occitanie, you’ll find much more than a safe holiday destination for your family. You’ll find a world in which life is still a celebration. And you’ll be centre stage in a dance of landscapes and familial joy. 

Welcome to your incredible family holiday in rural France! Welcome to Country Kids.

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