How Do We Get Quality Time in a Relationship When We Have a Busy Life and Kids ?

Jun 9, 2022

Country Kids – The Perfect Place to Disconnect from Your Daily Life with Time to Relax

When you have a busy life, spending quality time as a family is important. So, too, is couple time. You Need Time To Relax Away From Your Busy Life. But getting quality time in a relationship is challenging. When you also have kids, finding time to connect as a couple is nigh-on impossible. A few snatched moments here and there don’t really cut it, do they?

What you need is time to relax, away from your busy life.

Happy, connected parents are good for children, but to keep connected you must sometimes disconnect – from the heavy load of your daily routine and, yes, from your kids. If you’re focused on work and drained by the demands of parenthood, you risk neglecting important couple time.

What Is Quality Time in a Relationship?

There are plenty of ways to spend quality time as a couple. It doesn’t mean spending every minute of the day with your partner or spouse, but it does mean making special moments together.

This could be something as seemingly trivial as doing the washing up together, or both reading while sitting on the same couch. The point is that you’re spending some mindful time together. Time to appreciate each other’s company and show your affection for one another. Spending this time together is something you chose to do.

What’s Stopping You Having the Couple Time You Need?

Disturbing these moments is something the kids are good at!

And therein lies the rub. You and your partner spend so much time wrapped up in your daily lives. And just when you think you can grab a couple of special moments together, the kids need you.

And you love the fact that they do need you. It’s what parenthood is about, isn’t it? But it doesn’t help maintain the intimate connection you and your partner need.

You’ve got work and your daily routine pulling you in one direction. The kids pulling you in another. When – and how – can you make quality time for yourselves?

You Need a Holiday!

What you need is a break. You need to disconnect from daily life. Slow things down a little. Strike that, slow things down a lot. You need time and space to breathe, and to grow together again. But how is this possible when you have kids? Besides which, do you really want to leave the kids for more than a few hours?

Your kids are part of you. To be without them – even for a few days ─ would leave a gaping hole in your life.

So, you’re looking for a family holiday that allows you to disconnect from daily life, helps you connect as a family, and gives you the quality couple time you need. Sounds like too much to ask, doesn’t it?

Disconnect. Slow Down. Connect.

Here at Country Kids we deliver French hospitality like you’ve never experienced. We have created the ideal environment for busy parents who want to disconnect from their daily lives, re-energise their relationship as a couple, and connect more completely as a family.

The first part is the disconnect. Get away from it all. Where better than in this beautiful region of France. Idyllic countryside. Peace and quiet. You can hear the birds sing, and yourself think.

Next, slow down. Rural walks. Slow, meandering bike rides on quiet country lanes. The sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. A dinner at a fantastic restaurant, relaxing over a bottle of wine and fantastic French cuisine ─ without the kids in your hair!

In a safe, care-free, and gated environment, your kids will be off doing all the things that kids love to do. They’ll love their new-found freedom as they explore our grounds, ride the tractor to our petting farm, or zip down the slide into our heated pool. There are plenty of games and amenities available, and they’ll make new best friends while here.

Third, connect. Together and without your kids. While the kids are away, the parents can play! You’ll have time to chat with each other. Sit by the pool and enjoy an afternoon cocktail. Go for that walk. Meet other parents just like you, who want to break free from their metronomic lives for a short while to recharge and reconnect.

And don’t worry about losing connection with your kids. They’ll be buzzing to tell you all about their day, what adventures they’ve had, and what new friends they’ve made.

Relax and Spend Quality Time as a Couple and Parents at Country Kids

Even if you manage to carve out a couple of hours of couple time at home without the kids, you’re still busy. Imagine no cleaning to do. No cooking. No mowing of lawns or garden beds to tend to. No catching up on work. No taxi runs!

Imagine days filled with nothing but time to spend relaxing, recharging, and reconnecting. As a couple, as parents, and as a family.

What Our Guests Say

At Country Kids, we make sure that your kids are kept safe and entertained while you spend quality time together. Here are a few of the comments from parents who have been our guests recently:

David Frank, from London, says that Country Kids is a French paradise for all the family, commenting that, “This was our third holiday at Country Kids. If you are after a magical place in France to relax, whilst knowing your children are safe and off on adventures then this is the place… We can’t wait to return in 2022.”

DKC Chi from Chicago considers Country Kids to be a one-of-a-kind experience, remarking that it is, “ is a child’s dream! The kids club entertains the kids with such a variety of options… Activities vary based on the children’s interests. They will not be bored ─ in fact ours are begging to go back next summer! … For the adults, this is the ultimate relaxation. No need to worry about food or beverage or kids!… Syl and Laure feel like family by the time you leave… They genuinely want you to enjoy yourself and relax while at Country Kids… We also took advantage of the babysitting service and thoroughly enjoyed the meal at the restaurant down the road! …

“All in all, I can’t say enough good things about this unique experience. It’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced. I can see why so many people return here time and time again.”

Mayday from Ireland considers the holiday here to be Probably the best in the world!

“This is our 3rd time to return to Country Kids and it just keeps getting better and better…
The most special part is the attention and love given to your children… your children are given one to one care whilst being encouraged to take part in all the activities such as nature trails, baking, treasure hunts, arts and crafts, camping, swimming, and daily visits to the farm… whilst your kids are happy making new friends you can enjoy some adult time to finally read your book by the pool; or indulge in the hot tub; or have that chilled glass of champagne at lunch time; or sit in the outdoor bar chatting with other parents; or simply relax in your gorgeous apartment overlooking the stunning gardens leading down to the heated outdoor pool.”

Give yourself, and your kids, the holiday of a lifetime. Spend quality couple time together. Make time to relax and slow down. Leave the stress of your busy life behind.

We still have few spots for this summer and are now open for booking for 2023. And if you have any questions, please get in touch with Laure and Sylvain, any time, on +33(0)6 77 54 56 00 ─ or by emailing

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