City Life vs Country Life: A Family’s Guide to Farm Holidays in Southern France

Jan 24, 2024


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City life vs country life – is it the answer to breaking from the relentless journey of your daily commute, stress-filled job, and fast-paced life?

Imagine escaping to the countryside. Picture yourself in a place where every detail is thoughtfully catered to, where your family can bask in the rustic charm of Southern France. A wonderful vision, isn’t it?

This is your invitation to Country Kids, a farm holiday in an idyllic retreat in southern France. How does the city life vs country life shape up? Read on to discover why families caught up in the constant hustle and bustle of living in a city choose to return to Country Kids year after year.

What is the Lure of Southern France as a Farm Holiday Destination?

Rolling hills. Picturesque vineyards. Villages steeped in bygone traditions. Silence, broken only by the distant buzz of tractors, a whispering breeze through forests that have been untouched through time, and the orchestra of our feathered friends who live in them.

Southern France offers this serene backdrop, showcasing why the choice of city life vs country life is ideal for families like yours looking for the perfect escape. At Country Kids, your daily soundtrack shifts from honking horns to the serenade of chirping birds and children’s laughter.

A Heartfelt Welcome Awaits at Country Kids

You’ll notice the difference between city life vs country life as soon as you arrive here. Forget the standoffishness and averted glances through the streets of London (or any UK city, for that matter). Here, you’ll find country folk a completely different kettle of fish. The friendliness of the locals is evident in every chance meeting – as is their genuine desire to make you feel welcome.

Your first experience of this is with the greeting of Laure, Sylvain, their family, and their team. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and a prepared meal, easing you into your farm holiday.

As one guest fondly recalls, “A delicious meal of lasagne and salad was awaiting us in our unit” – a gesture that speaks volumes about the warmth of Country Kids, and a perfect reflection of city life vs country life.

The Telegraph highlighted agritourism as a UK holiday trend in 2020. Country Kids takes agritourism and holidays in France to a whole new level.

A Sanctuary for Parents and Children

Picture a place where your every need, even the unforeseen ones, are anticipated. ‘Ah, we are running out of nappies,’ you might think, only to find them freely available in the onsite ‘shop’.

But, of course, your perfect holiday is not built on a supply of nappies, is it? What you want is fun activities for all the family during hot temperatures in a holiday destination that is perfect for children with wine-loving parents! (Open access to our extensive wine cellar is available in your farm holiday.)

Daily Delights and Adventures

Each day here unfolds with new experiences:

  • You and your children can join Farmer Syl on delightful animal-feeding adventures.
  • It’s an outdoor and active getaway for the whole family, and yet you’ll feel more relaxed than ever at the end of each day.
  • Every need is catered for. The kids club, brimming with activities, keeps your children joyfully engaged, giving you moments of much needed respite.
  • And the food, as reviewers on TripAdvisor put it, is ‘delicious’.

Each meal is complemented by an amazing selection of drinks. Imagine savouring gourmet foods specific to Occitanie, as well as a few of Laure and Sylvain’s family favourites, as the staff, like the wonderful Emma and Marius, ensure your glass is never empty.

Cultural Immersion and Exploration

Venture out to explore quaint villages, taste local delicacies, and soak up the vibrant culture of Octon and the Occitanie region. With Laure’s guidance on the best local spots, your family outings become effortless and enriching.

Laure will give you multiple options nearby,” says a guest, highlighting the convenience of having insider tips at your fingertips.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation for Parents

Imagine city life vs country life as an opportunity where you, as parents, can truly unwind. That’s what you get here. While your kids are exploring the gated grounds, busy on the farm, or taking part in endless activities, you have the chance to relax in a spot of yoga, bathe in quiet poolside moments, enjoy a book, or chat with new-found friends.

A Country Kids farm holiday offers the rarest of opportunities for parents like you who lead non-stop lives – time and space for parental rejuvenation. And with reliable babysitting services, date nights are a reality, not a distant memory.

Building Community and Friendships

Your stay is more than just a holiday; it’s a chance to connect with other families who are experiencing similar struggles with city life vs country life. You may arrive as guests, but you’ll leave as friends.

The kids make new friends, enhancing their joy and freedom. For you, it’s an opportunity to share experiences and create lasting friendships with fellow parents, too.

Your Departure: A Promise to Return

As your stay draws to a close, you’ll understand why leaving Country Kids feels so bittersweet. “We actually felt quite emotional,” reflects a guest, echoing the sentiments of many who have found their perfect holiday destination on this charming farm.

The memories you create here will linger long after you return to the urban jungle, for this is more than a simple farm holiday. It’s a haven where you’ll discover a new way of experiencing quality family time.

If you’re dreaming of a unique family adventure, let Southern France’s Country Kids be your destination. Get in touch today to learn how we deliver the holiday experience that is the unique upgrade from city life vs country life.

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