Family Holiday 2022: The Year the Great British Family Holiday Returned

Dec 5, 2022

What Are British Family Holiday Plans for 2023?

British families have had a lot to deal with throughout 2022. At the beginning of the year, there were still Covid-19 travel restrictions in place. Then along came the war in Ukraine. We’ve been hit by high fuel prices, and the cost-of-living crisis. And the death of the Queen. Not to mention the merry-go-round of Prime Ministers, political turmoil, and more strikes than you’d find in a box of matches.

Through it all, Brits have remained stoic about the family holiday. They have spent a small fortune on their family holiday 2022. It looks likely that 2023 will see more of the same.

In this article, we look at holiday priorities of British families, over the past year and ahead in 2023.

Brits Spend More Than £1,200 Per Person and Seek Value for Money

Hilton’s 2022 Traveler Emerging Trends Report reveals that Brits planned to spend a third more on their holidays in 2022 than in 2019, the year before Covid strangled travel.

Even though the spending works out at around £1,250 per person (£83.6 billion as a nation), people cited value for money as a key priority. Almost a third of Brits wanted to feel like they had a good deal of sizeable discount.

Brits Want Longer Holidays and Time with Family

Covid has changed the way we feel and think. Almost half of British holidaymakers planned longer holidays this year compared to pre-pandemic. They want to spend quality time with their families. Indeed, more than three quarters of survey respondents told Hilton’s researchers that being together with their family is the most important of their holiday priorities.

Holiday Planning Is Frustrating for Most People

Hunting for the perfect family holiday can be exciting, but more than 6 in 10 Brits say it is challenging and frustrating trying to please everyone. 21% of those planning a family holiday find the process painful.

The Next Big Six Holiday Priorities for the British Family Holiday 2022

Value for money. Time with family. Easy-to-plan holidays. Three key themes that emerged from Hilton’s study. But there are also six more priorities that Hilton uncovered:

  • People want to experience different cultures and communities
  • Holidaymakers are more concerned about sustainability than before
  • Families want action-packed fun and learning experiences
  • People are organizing bigger group holidays
  • Those going on holiday are more likely to plan multi-destination trips
  • Taking pets with the family is important for a third of holidaymakers

Cost-of-Living Crisis Has Not Dented the Thirst for Family Holidays in 2023

ABTA’s Holiday Habits Report published in October 2022 found that British families are planning to continue their love affair with holidaying in 2022. To afford the big family getaway, Brits are prepared to cut back on other non-essential spending before slashing their holiday plans:

  • 55% say they will eat out less
  • 48% plan to limit spending on leisure activities
  • 40% will spend less on clothes, shoes, and accessories

Only around one in three say they will cut holiday spending.

Is the Staycation Dying? Going Abroad Is a Priority

More than 6 in 10 people plan to holiday abroad in 2023. That’s a huge increase from the year to August 2022, when fewer than half of Brits travelled to foreign shores. With 14% saying they don’t plan to have a holiday in 2023, only 25% of British holidaymakers plan to staycation.

But there is a kicker. While almost a third of families plan to spend more on their holidays than in 2022 (and only 23% expect to spend less), people will seek value by choosing cheaper transport options and eating out less.

France Is the Second Most Popular Destination for British Holidaymakers

ABTA reports that Spain is still the most popular destination for British holidaymakers, but France is catching up. 31% of Brits going abroad travel to Spain, and 20% to France. Next are the USA and Italy, both on 12%.

What Are Your Family Holiday Priorities in 2023?

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