Educational Holidays: Learning Holidays for Families in Southern France

Mar 16, 2024

Unlocking the Magic of Learning Holidays

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Educational holidays blend the joy of vacationing with the enrichment of learning, offering multigenerational families an escape that educates, engages, and excites.

In the picturesque setting of Occitanie in Southern France, these holidays promise more than just relaxation; they offer a journey into the heart of culture, nature, and self-discovery for children of all ages. Country Kids is the perfect place to experience the educational holiday of a lifetime – a family holiday in France you will never forget.

In a Nutshell

A holiday at Country Kids is as enriching as it is exciting! We’ve crafted a world where every family member, from the tiniest tots to the wisest grandparents, finds joy, adventure, and learning. Dive into hands-on farm life, soak up the local culture, and explore the great outdoors. Together, let’s turn your holiday into an unforgettable journey of discovery, laughter, and bonding. Ready for the educational holiday of a lifetime? We can’t wait to welcome you!

Activities for Every Age

The spectrum of activities that we have designed ensures that no one is left out of the fun and learning. From the youngest toddlers to the most senior family members, we cater for diverse interests and needs.

For the little ones, activities are centered around sensory play, nature walks, and arts and crafts, all designed to stimulate young minds and encourage curiosity about the world around them. The youngest members of your family will foster friendships in an educational holiday setting that promotes early learning skills in a fun, engaging environment.

Older children have the opportunity to embark on more adventurous pursuits. From the sports and interactive workshops available on-site, to off-site water adventures, hiking, biking, and more, they’ll be kept challenged physically and mentally. Such adventures are tailored to captivate adventurous spirits and encourage independence, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

While we are all children at heart, we also recognise that a family’s adults have need for time out and socialising. From wine tasting to cultural tours to free-time while your smaller ones are looked after by qualified and experienced sitters, you’ll find this holiday to be an education in itself.

From Farm to Family: Interactive Animal Encounters

On this educational holiday, you’ll discover that your kids love the hands-on learning experience provided by our working farm. We bring the cycle of life and the importance of caring for our environment directly to children’s fingertips:

·      Farm Friends Connection

Participating in the daily routines of feeding, grooming, and caring for the animals helps children understand the responsibility involved in farm life. It’s an intimate encounter with nature that teaches empathy, respect for living things, and the basics of animal welfare.

·      Sustainability and Animal Welfare Education

The educational farm goes beyond interaction with animals. We introduce families to sustainable farming practices, the importance of biodiversity, and how to care for the environment. These lessons in sustainability and animal welfare are invaluable, shaping young minds to think critically about their impact on the world.

Cultural Immersions: Exploring the Riches of Southern France

The rich cultural tapestry of Southern France serves as a perfect backdrop for immersive educational experiences for the entire family:

·      Local Excursions

Visiting historical sites, exploring ancient castles, and wandering through vibrant markets, your family has the opportunity to dive deep into the local culture. Each excursion is a lesson in history, art, and sociology, bringing the colourful past and present of Southern France to life.

·      Language Fun

French language activities are crafted to be as enjoyable as they are educational. Whether through interactive games, storytelling, or casual conversation, children and adults alike can pick up phrases and delve into the nuances of the French language in a relaxed, natural setting.

Outdoor Pursuits for Nature Lovers

The great outdoors offers a boundless classroom where learning is as vast as the open sky:

·      Exploration on Foot or Bike

The countryside around Country Kids is a haven for hikers and bikers, with trails that weave through scenic vistas and hidden valleys. These educational holiday activities not only provide physical exercise, but they also help instill a love for nature and an understanding of the importance of conservation.

·      Water-Based Adventures

As well as our own pool and poolside activities, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports in the local area. Swimming in natural lakes, canoeing down gentle rivers, or even learning to sail are all exhilarating ways to learn about water safety, aquatic ecosystems, and the sheer joy of water sports.

Mastering the Art of Socialising: The Social Aspect of the Country Kids Experience

The educational holiday environment at Country Kids is perfectly suited to nurturing social skills in a natural, organic way.

·      Outdoor Socialisation

Group activities in the great outdoors naturally foster teamwork, communication, and social interaction among children. They learn to work together, share experiences, and celebrate achievements, building friendships that often last beyond their stay.

·      Enhancing Communication

Through play and shared activities, children learn effective ways to express themselves, listen to others, and navigate social dynamics. This playful learning is crucial for developing strong communication skills.

·      Teamwork in Action

Activities at Country Kids often require collaboration, teaching children the value of working together towards a common goal. This not only enhances personal development, but also imparts important life lessons about teamwork and cooperation.

·      Parental Role Modeling

Parents have numerous opportunities to engage with their children and others, setting positive examples of social interaction and leadership. This aspect of the Country Kids experience emphasises the role of parents in guiding their children through example, fostering a community spirit that enriches the holiday experience for everyone.

Why Choose an Educational Escape for Your Family?

Choosing an educational holiday for     your family is about interweaving leisure time with enriching learning experiences. It’s a blend that creates a quality family time that:

  • Brings learning to life with hands-on, engaging experiences that make the world tangible and exciting.
  • Fosters curiosity and creativity, encouraging children to ask questions, seek answers, and think more deeply about the world around them.
  • Builds confidence and independence in a safe and supportive environment that encourages children to step out of their comfort zones.
  • Personalises the learning journey, with activities that fit the interests and learning styles of all.

Equally important, educational holidays provide a platform for families to learn and grow together, balancing leisure and relaxation, while creating lasting memories and strengthening bonds.

Discover Country Kids, Where the Perfect Educational Holiday Awaits

Nestled in the heart of Southern France, a region renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, Country Kids offers an unparalleled educational holiday experience. Our ethos is to blend leisure and learning in ways that delight and educate in equal measure:

·      Immerse Yourself in the Enchantment of Southern France

From the rolling hills of the countryside to the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Southern France is a tapestry of stunning natural beauty. We are ideally located to allow your family to dive into the essence of this idyllic region.

As you explore, you’ll connect with nature, history, and each other. Every day is another opportunity to experience a new adventure – a lesson in the beauty of our world.

·      Experience the Uniqueness of Country Kids

From the very beginning of our journey, we have been committed to creating a space where families can relax, play, and learn together. An educational holiday here is more than a retreat. It’s a place where children can become at one with nature, parents can unwind under the sun, memories are made, and new friendships formed.

We offer a huge variety of activities (on and off-site), designed to engage each member of your family in an eclectic learning experience.

·      A Journey of Discovery for All Ages

Here at Country Kids, you’ll find that every day is a day for discovery. Your children may find themselves learning French through playful interaction. There will be opportunities aplenty to uncover the mysteries of local wildlife. And the kids love the hands-on cooking classes that celebrate the flavours of French cuisine.

Meanwhile, adults can enjoy tours of local vineyards, hiking through scenic trails, or simply soaking in the tranquility of the countryside. The blend of activities ensures that both children and adults leave with new skills, knowledge, and memories.

·      A Retreat That Feels Like Home

Beyond the essence of an educational holiday, you’ll find that we have created a warm, welcoming environment that feels like a home away from home. Our accommodation is designed with families in mind – comfort and convenience alongside the charm of rustic Frenc décor and with a cloak of privacy.

Our staff at Country Kids goes above and beyond to ensure that your family’s stay is personalised and memorable, catering to your unique needs and wishes.

This is an educational holiday destination like no other – a sanctuary where families can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, immerse themselves in the culture and beauty of Southern France, and engage in enriching experiences that bridge the gap between leisure and learning.

Set Out on Your Unforgettable Educational Holiday

Embarking on an educational holiday to Country Kids is the start of an unforgettable family holiday. At the heart of our ethos is the seamless integration of fun with educational experiences, promising a holiday that is not only filled with rest and relaxation but also a treasure trove of learning opportunities.

You’ll find each day at Country Kids is a day of discovery, with every activity serving as a learning opportunity and the creation of cherished memories.

Educational holidays at Country Kids are about more than the destination, which is enough in itself to have an incredible time. They are about the rich, enduring connections forged within the family, inspired by the wonders of the world and the shared experiences here.

Book the educational holiday of your dreams today.

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