Savouring the Spirit of Occitanie: More Than Languedoc Wines

Apr 4, 2024

occitanie unboltted :exploring wine, beer, and spirits in the heart of france 

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Languedoc wines are among the best known and most loved in the world, but are not the only renowned alcoholic beverages of the Occitanie region. Sure, Languedoc wines may make up about 18% of Occitanie’s wine production, but the sun-drenched fields here produce so much more. We Unveil the Occitanie’s Beverage Bounty.

When you holiday in Occitanie with your family, you’ll find a rich vein of wines, beers, and spirits to whet your appetite. Welcome to the world of Occitanie’s alcoholic delights!

Key Takeaways

  • Languedoc wines, while a significant part of Occitanie’s offerings, are just the start of the region’s rich alcoholic beverage culture.
  • The area’s wine production, dominated by reds from Grenache, Syrah, and other grapes, highlights the diversity and quality of the Languedoc wine region.
  • Noteworthy vineyards like Chateau de Jonquières, Clos Constantin, and Daumas Gassac demonstrate the region’s blend of tradition, innovation, and commitment to ecological stewardship.
  • The rise of craft beers, highlighted by Brasserie Baudille, introduces a fresh and innovative layer to Occitanie’s beverage scene, offering unique, locally inspired flavours.
  • The sophisticated world of spirits, epitomised by Noilly Prat’s artful vermouth, adds elegance and depth to the region’s alcoholic beverages.
  • Occitanie also offers family-friendly vineyard tours, tastings, and culinary experiences, making it a perfect destination for creating lasting memories.

Languedoc Wines: A Journey into the Heart of Occitanie

What makes Languedoc wines so special?

The Occitanie region produces around a third of all French wines. Certainly, agritourism is booming in Occitanie.

In the heart of the region, the areas of Languedoc and Roussillon cut a swathe of land from Provence to the Pyrenees at the Spanish border. More than 300 million gallons of wine are produced here each year.

Languedoc wines account for 90% of this region’s wine. Mostly reds, they are made with Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvèdre, and Cinsault grapes.

Is it the sun-kissed vines, the generations of winemaking wisdom, or the innovation that pulses through the region that makes these wines so special? Stepping into the realms of three of our favourite wine houses will help you understand.

Chateau de Jonquières: A Legacy in Every Bottle

Cradled by Occitanie’s rolling hills, Chateau de Jonquières is a testament to a heritage of winemaking and viticultural excellence. Its roots stretch back centuries, and the estate embodies the essence of Languedoc wines.

The vines are nurtured under the watchful eyes of a family dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of their land.

You’ll find the wines of Chateau de Jonquières embody a blend of tradition and innovation. You can smell tales of the past and taste the future with every sip. The wines are packed with passion, history, and evolution.

Clos Constantin: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Clos Constantin, a gem within the Languedoc wine region, epitomises the beautiful synergy between time-honoured traditions and modern methods of wine production. The family respects its heritage in everything it does, yet fuses this ethos with unwavering forward thinking.

The wines from Clos Constantin are crafted with a profound respect for the environment, employing sustainable practices that speak to the family’s dedication to ecological stewardship. When you visit the vineyard, you’ll be treated to a tasting experience that is as educative as it is captivating. You’ll come away with a deep insight into the meticulous process of bringing a bottle from the vine to table.

The result of all the effort and attention to detail at Clos Constantin? A collection of wines that are both complex and distinctive, embodying the spirit of progress that characterises the Languedoc wine region.

Daumas Gassac: The Grand Crus of the South

Renowned as the Grand Crus of the South, Daumas Gassac stands at the vanguard of Languedoc wine, heralding a visionary approach to winemaking that has left an indelible mark on the region.

The estate’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the conviction that great wines are born from a profound respect for nature and an unwavering commitment to ‘terroir expression’. This ethos drove Daumas Gassac to adopt organic farming practices long before they became a global trend. Here, each vine thrives in harmony with the ecosystem.

The winery’s innovative techniques, combined with the unique microclimate and geology of their land, produce wines of unparalleled depth and complexity. Daumas Gassac’s vintages are celebrated for their elegance, balance, and the way they encapsulate the quintessence of the Languedoc wine heritage.

Whether a connoisseur or casual wine drinker, you’ll marvel at the depth of flavours that only be achieved through passionate dedication to winemaking excellence.

Beyond Occitanie and Languedoc Wines: The Rise of Craft Beers

Languedoc wines may have put Occitanie on the map, but you certainly shouldn’t let these – as exceptional as they are – be the beginning, middle, and end of your tasting journey in the South of France.

This diverse landscape, the largest fruit-growing region in France, delivers a variety of produce that lends itself to the creation of a plethora of alcoholic beverages that are every bit as unique, tasty, and aromatic as the Occitanie foods you’ll love.

One of the more recent additions to the rollcall of Occitanie alcoholic beverages is craft beers, and we’re lucky to have one of the best on our doorstep.

Brasserie Baudille is an artisanal micro-brewery that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and passion for craft brewing, distinguishing itself in a territory where the vine has traditionally held sway.

The commitment to quality and pursuit of unique flavour means that each beer tells its own story of creativity, dedication, and the joy of discovery. Which is exactly how you’ll feel from first sip to last. From robust stouts and refreshing ales to innovative seasonal offerings that incorporate local ingredients, you’ll taste the meticulous attention to detail with which each beer is crafted.

In a region where Languedoc wine is celebrated, Brasserie Baudille’s beers offer a compelling alternative for those looking to explore beyond the vine.

The Elegant World of Spirits: Discovering Noilly Prat

Want to experience the utmost elegance of Occitanie’s alcoholic beverages? Then you really must succumb to the allure of Noilly Prat, a name synonymous with the art of vermouth.

With its intricate concoction of botanicals and wines, Noilly Prat represents a craft that has been meticulously honed over centuries, offering a journey into the sophistication of spirits that Occitanie proudly showcases.

At the heart of Noilly Prat’s distinctiveness is its production process, which involves a meticulous ageing and blending of white wines, carefully selected from the finest regions. These wines are exposed to the elements, ageing under the Mediterranean sun, sea air, and seasonal changes, which impart unique characteristics to the vermouth. The wines are then expertly blended with an array of botanicals, including herbs and spices sourced from across the globe, creating Noilly Prat’s signature complex flavour profile.

You don’t need to take our word for this, either. Step into the world of Noilly Prat with an immersive experience into the world of vermouth-making. Explore the historic cellars and production areas, uncovering the secrets behind this revered spirit. Enjoy an exclusive tasting experience that reveals nuanced flavours and aromas that make Noilly Prat a cornerstone of cocktail culture, celebrated by mixologists and spirit enthusiasts around the world.

Noilly Prat – a vermouth that underscores the diversity and sophistication of Occitanie’s beverages, standing shoulder to shoulder with the renowned Languedoc wines that have long defined the region.

Family Adventures in Occitanie: Experiences Beyond the Glass

Vineyard tours and tastings offer a family-friendly itinerary that educates and delights. Amidst the vineyards, find activities that spark curiosity in young minds and foster a shared family experience.
Discover local delicacies that complement the wine and spirits of the region. Around every corner, you’ll find family-friendly eateries that welcome all ages to the culinary adventures of your dreams.

Crafting Lasting Memories in Occitanie

Here at Country Kids, we take pride in the extensiveness of our wine cellar and bar. You only need to speak to Syl, and he’ll be pleased to introduce you to a variety of alcoholic beverages that encapsulate the spirit of Occitanie. From the comfort of a poolside lounger or a comfortable seat in our bar area, and while your kids are having their own adventures with their new friends, treat yourself to a journey of discovery that takes you beyond Languedoc wines.

Contact us to find out how the adults in your family can savour the spirit of Occitanie with an all-inclusive family holiday of your dreams (including Languedoc wines!)

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