The Best of All-Inclusive Family Holidays at Country Kids

Apr 16, 2024

unveilling the true essence of all-inclusive: A JOURNEY TO COUNTRY KIDS 

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All-inclusive family holidays often leave a lot to be desired, don’t they? That’s what consumer champion Which!found.

You pay all that money, and when you arrive at the resort, you discover that your all-inclusive family holiday is anything but, and you must pay extra for everything from soft drinks to premium spirits, tours, onsite entertainment, spa treatments, and more.

This is something that marks Country Kids out from other family holiday destinations. When we say, ‘All-inclusive family holiday package’, we mean it: a package that goes above and beyond on our unique A la Carte family holiday option.

Welcome to the carefree holiday that others promise, and we deliver. A truly all-inclusive family holiday that caters to all the needs of a multi-generational family holiday experience.

Key Takeways

  • A Truly All-Inclusive Family Holiday: A vacation free from hidden costs, delivering on every promise.
  • Exclusive French Countryside Resort: A secluded, luxurious, 30-acre playground ensuring personalised and safe experiences.
  • Bespoke Family Experiences: Tailored holiday planning, local excursions, and a focus on the culinary delights of Occitanie.
  • Unlimited On-Site Activities: Ensures screen-free fun for children and relaxation opportunities for adults.
  • Exploration Beyond the Gates: Two off-site activities to explore the rich culture and beauty of Occitanie.
  • Convenient On-Site Shop: All-inclusive access to necessities, enhancing the carefree holiday experience.

Unpack and Unwind – Leave the Rest to Us

Are you yearning for a getaway where every single detail is taken care of for you? An all-inclusive family holidaythat allows you to relax when you want, knowing that the kids are catered for and cared for?

Our exclusive countryside family holiday resort, set in idyllic French countryside in the rural heart of Occitanie, caters for only a handful of families each week. You can be sure that your kids are safe and secure when they are off playing with their new friends or exploring the 30 acres of our gated grounds.

We offer an all-encompassing ‘unpack and unwind’ experience. One of the first things you’ll do after settling in is speak to us about your ideal holiday. And this is about as hard as your week gets! Because we’ll plan the week for you. We even take care of reserving a table at your choice of incredible restaurants nearby (yes, childcare services are included, so you can enjoy some quality couple time – what other all-inclusive family holidays offer this?!).

Is the ‘All-Inclusive Family Holiday’ Really All-Inclusive at Country Kids?

Ever wondered if an all-inclusive family holiday can truly cover every imaginable aspect of your getaway? I mean, with inflation, all-inclusive packages have had to be scaled back, haven’t they? At least, that’s what all the major holiday companies tell us.

We don’t buy it!

At Country Kids, we take the concept of ‘Absolutely Everything’s Included’ to heart. This isn’t just a tagline; it’s our pledge to you and your loved ones.

Our ‘A la carte’ package option redefines luxury. Our Absolutely Everything’s Included option grants you unlimited access to a spectrum of indulgences. From gourmet dining experiences to bespoke adventures, and even those serene moments of relaxation – it’s all part of the package.

Dive into the realm of absolute inclusivity with our all-inclusive family holiday package – and discover you’ll discover that every desire is not just met but anticipated, ensuring your holiday is nothing short of perfection, with no hidden, nasty, costly surprises.

All-Inclusive Accommodation: Where Comfort Meets Elegance

We have been meticulous about the design of our accommodation, to provide you with luxurious, rural tranquility and elegance. We’ve crafted each unit to envelope you in the warmth of high-end comfort while reflecting the chic sophistication of the French countryside.

Every apartment is a haven of style, outfitted with sumptuous beds, state-of-the-art amenities, and thoughtful touches that turn a space into a home (wait until you see the bathrooms!).

Child-friendly? Absolutely. Our accommodations are ingeniously designed with families in mind, featuring everything from baby gear to toys, ensuring that every member, from the tiniest tot to the adults, experiences unparalleled comfort.

Apartments are spacious, adaptable, and equipped to accommodate families of any size, providing the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. A perfect home from home for the all-inclusive family holiday of a lifetime.

Dining: Savour Every Bite Without a Second Thought

When it comes to dining at Country Kids, every meal is an occasion to celebrate. Yes, gourmet meals and drinks for parents, kids, and even the littlest ones are truly part of the all-inclusive family holiday package.

Imagine sitting down at a table where the culinary delights are tailored not just to satisfy hunger, but to deliver an unequalled dining experience to all the family.

What about dietary needs and preferences? Fear not. At Country Kids, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the most specific dietary requirements. And for those who appreciate a fine vintage or a curated selection of spirits, the Country Kids wine cellar is a treasure trove of inclusive, indulgent options. You’ll especially savour our local gems.

You’d surely expect nothing less – after all, we’re French, and exquisite cuisine is our heritage. We can’t wait to introduce you to 11 Occitanie foods you’ll love.

Recreation: Unlimited Fun at Your Doorstep

Our all-inclusive family holiday ethos extends to every aspect of your stay. Recreation and leisure are no exception. From dawn till dusk, unlimited fun awaits you.

We keep the kids amused with an avalanche of screen-free activities designed to spark joy, ignite imagination, and foster new friendships. Our expansive grounds are a playground for adventure, where children can delve into everything from arts and crafts to supervised sports, nature explorations, and even treasure hunts. Every activity is an opportunity for fun, learning, and adventure: educational holidays at their very best.

Meanwhile, parents can indulge in a range of activities crafted just for them. Fancy a leisurely game of tennis, a relaxing session in the spa, or perhaps a yoga class to rejuvenate the spirit? At Country Kids, we believe that parents deserve their own slice of paradise too. So, while the kids are entertained, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest, with an all-inclusive family holiday that includes extras like one free spa treatment per family member.

On-site activities you can enjoy at Country Kids include:

  • Tennis court
  • Boule court
  • Trampolines
  • Outdoor playground including a slide, swing, and climbing frame
  • Ping pong table
  • 9-hole mini-golf
  • Huge sandpit
  • Treehouse
  • Two zip wires
  • Bikes for the whole family
  • Messy kitchen play area
  • Mini football pitch
  • Huge heated swimming pool with a slide
  • Paddling pool
  • Fitness and wellbeing centre
  • Adult-only pool and whirlpool

Exploration: The Adventure Beyond Country Kids’ Gates

An all-inclusive family holiday that includes off-site activities – who ever heard of such a thing?

We’re not sure if we invented this concept, but one thing is for certain – the Occitanie region is just too good not to explore. From the historic ramparts of Carcassonne to the serene beauty of the Canal du Midi, you’ll want to experience what this wonderful area offers.

We include two off-site activities for every family member, making sure that your all-inclusive family holiday is enriched with experiences that you will keep in the memory bank forever. Whether it’s adventure or relaxation, or history or culture that you desire, the opportunity to build external activities into your all-inclusive family holiday adds another incredible dimension to your time with Country Kids.

The Convenience of the On-Site Shop

There’s always something that you’ve forgotten or run short of, isn’t there? Fear not! Our on-site shop stocks all the items your family might need at short notice. Now, we know what you’re thinking – this is surely not included in an all-inclusive family holiday?

You bet it is at Country Kids. From snacks to sundries, it’s all included in the all-inclusive family holiday package. Grab whatever you need (nappies are a favourite!) to ensure your holiday is stress free and satisfying.

Book the All-Inclusive Family Holiday of Your Dreams

From the moment you book your all-inclusive family holiday at Country Kids, you can look forward to a hassle-free vacation where every aspect of your stay is designed for ultimate comfort, enjoyment, and adventure. This isn’t just a holiday; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories in a French haven, where every day brings the promise of joy, and every moment is tailored for family happiness.

Don’t let the opportunity to craft unforgettable family moments slip away. Take the first step towards a carefree holiday and book your all-inclusive family holiday at Country Kids today.

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